Anime is a very famous and popular work around the world originating from Japan, the anime trend has finally given birth to cool anime character names that are used as references for using names for other things.

some names character cool anime is obtained from anime series which are also no less cool in terms of stories and pictures. This character’s name was eventually used as a child’s name, nickname in games, to the name of a character in a novel or short story.

Short story is an abbreviation of short story and is a literary work in written form that tells about a fictional story and then packaged in a short, clear and concise manner. Short stories usually only tell short stories about the problems experienced by one character.

Launching from the book It Can Be Easy to Write Short Stories, Mas Sitti Sya (2020), while readin short story gusually very fast. In addition, the contents of the short story are also very easy to understand because the story is relatively short. Therefore, many people like short and uncomplicated stories like short stories.

Cool Anime Character Names for Characters in Short Stories
Cool Female Anime Character Names

The names used in anime always have a beautiful and kind meaning. Here’s a list of cool anime character names for women.

Azumi: protective house
Ayano: nuansa sutra
Akiko: autumn child
Aoi: biru
Asuka: scent
Mizuki: A friendly month
Miko: beautiful child thanks to
Miyuki: beautiful happiness
Meiko: a child’s dance
Nobuko: a loyal child
Rico: jasmine child
Sora: big wave
Shizuka: diam
Erie: generous gift
Harumi: splendor of spring
Chico: A wise baby
Church: pagi
Uzeyji: rabbit
Khan: flower or favorite

Cool Male Anime Character Names

Akio: a charming person
Akira: clear, sparkling
Akihiko: colored prince
Jero: tenth child
Isao: reward, honor
Naoki: fallen tree
Nobu: iman
Noroyo: person of principle
Ryuu: seekor naga
Suzumu: progresif
Takayuki: the happiness of a noble nobleman
Teruo: bright person
Temotsu: Defend, full
Tatsuya: dragon, has longevity and wisdom
Fumayo: academic and literary boy

Not only for short stories, the name of the cool anime character can also be used as the name of a character in a novel or movie.

By Jaya