List of Lionsgate Play Movies and Series February 2022, The Theme is Love

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Lionsgate Play every month offers the latest prestigious films. For example, in February 2022, Lionsgate Play is ready to show films about love.

Wow, Valentine’s Day special, huh? What kind of films will be showing on Lionsgate Play this February? Keep reading!

A movie full of love in February
Lionsgate Play offers love-themed films in February 2022. Some of them are Long Shot, After, to Mr. Right. Karina Mahadi, Content Manager of Lionstage Play Indonesia, said that this February, the special theme was about love.

“It just so happens that the theme of February is about love , because, right, there is Valentine’s Day. So the films we choose are around that,” Karina said in a virtual press conference at Lionsgate Play Indonesia on Tuesday (8/2/2022).

There are also films with other genres
Although the main theme is about love, Lionsgate Play still offers new films with various genres. Karina said she wanted to balance the audience’s needs.

Well, the films in question are crime thriller comedy genre, A Simple Favor, and an American-made action film titled The Forbidden Kingdom .

If you want to watch a light film and serve delicious food, there is Chef . Not only that, there is also a dance film, Step Up All In, and a skit, A Hologram for the King.

There are exciting series, it’s a shame not to be missed!
Lionsgate Play also announced their latest exclusive series . There are reality shows, Love Island UK Season 7 , comedy drama Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 , Spanish drama, The Pier , to the original Jugaadistan series from Bollywood.

Karina also talked about the original Indonesian series , she said that one day there would be a broadcast on Lionsgate Play.

” Soon ( original Indonesian series ), there is no update yet. We will start with the previous ( Jugaadistan series ) , the original Indian series , if it is successful then we can remake it to Indonesia,” said Karina.

Introducing special timeless animations for kids
Lionsgate Play also offers a timeless animated film for children called Little Prince . Karina hopes that in the future there will be more children’s films or other animations.

“We are trying to present timeless children’s films , not just random animations. In the future, God willing, there will be children’s films or animations that will be shown on Lionsgate Play,” he said.

Film rating is not the main consideration, but the value it offers
Karina said that the films that aired on Lionsgate Play were not based on ratings . According to him, values , actors, and stories are much more a consideration.

In our opinion, the value of the film and the actors, as well as the story,” said Karina.

Well, also a little leak from Karina, that next month, Lionsgate Play will present Asian films, you know!


Who can’t wait for the movies and series that will air on Lionsgate Play this month? Happy watching, yes!

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