Romelu Lukaku has rarely had the chance to play for Chelsea in recent weeks. Thomas Tuchel chose to reserve his best striker.

Lukaku is Chelsea’s new signing this summer. He was brought in from Inter Milan in the hope of fixing Chelsea’s problems in attack.

This decision proved to be right. Lukaku had a good first few weeks, kept scoring goals and looked like the player Chelsea needed.

However, Lukaku was then hit by an injury and since then he has been difficult to break into the starting XI again.

Tuchel needs to be reprimanded
Lukaku’s situation has also caught the attention of former Premier League striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor. According to him, Thomas Tuchel should be more responsible in the decision regarding Lukaku.

“I think Thomas Tuchel should be reprimanded, because I saw Lukaku, a striker worth 97 million pounds, again sitting on the bench,” Agbonlahor said in the Express.

Lukaku hasn’t been out for five months, he’s only missed five games.”

“I’ve experienced the same thing. If you miss five games, then after you play 20 minutes only, you are ready to play again,” he added.

Lukaku will be upset
Lukaku was given the opportunity to play in Chelsea’s clash with Leeds last weekend, but he only came on in the 87th minute. According to Agbonlahor, this is a sign that Tuchel is in trouble with Lukaku.

87th minute’,” continued Agbonlahor.

“Tuchel probably wouldn’t even have played Lukaku had they been in a winning position. Lukaku should have been upset.”

“He started the season as a starting player, then suddenly he couldn’t get back on the pitch.”

By Raufs