Hyunjin Stray Kids Became The Butt Of South Korean Netizens Because His Dancing Skills At MAMA 2021 Were Considered Not Good Enough. Here’s The Full Explanation.

Following Karina aespa , Hyunjin Stray Kids helped become the playthings of South Korean netizens after featuring dance solo in the event the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2021. He is considered to have a poor ability of dancing though looks very totality on stage.

MAMA 2021 opened with a special appearance from 6 idol 4th generation that Hyunjin, Karina, Wooyoung ATEEZ , Yeonjun TXT , Heeseung ENHYPEN to Yeji Itzy . They performed a unique dance to warm up the event.

However, Karina aespa became a hot topic because it was considered a stiff dance. According to netizens, Karina’s shortcomings are very visible because she is placed among the main dancers of other groups.

After Karina, netizens on Pann began to criticize Hyunjin’s solo dance. A post entitled “Hyunjin’s shocking dance skills” immediately became a hot topic because the writer called Hyunjin’s hand and foot movements unnatural.

Netizens’ opinion of the post is divided into two. Several people agreed with the writer and started criticizing Hyunjin. Meanwhile, other netizens who recognized Hyunjin’s abilities began to defend him.

To be honest, Karina wasn’t praised much for her dancing skills and now she’s hated like crazy. On the other hand, this controversial person (Hyunjin) gets a lot of recognition for her dancing skills. She dances like this and no one hates her. female idols are very difficult,” said one netizen.

The mentality of female netizens Pann about ‘a woman is another woman’s worst enemy’ is very severe,” added another netizen.

There are many people who praised his dance even before the scandal came out. I don’t think that posts like this are fair to him,” said another.

“His dancing skills are not too bad. I watched the show and saw that he was fine,” said another netizen. “Draging Hyunjin into this problem will not make Karina’s dance better,” said another.

“I don’t like Hyunjin either. But how can you criticize him for his dance skills?” another netizen said. “This is the first time I’ve seen someone insult Hyunjin’s dancing skills,” concluded another netizen.

MAMA 2021: Solo Dance Hyunjin Stray Kids Criticized, Karina Aespa Joins Terseret

MAMA 2021: Lee Hyori’s Charismatic Appearance Successfully Makes Netizens Fall In Love, Real Celebrities?

Lee Hyori Has Proven Her Strength As A K-Pop Legend At The 2021 MAMA Event. Appointed As The Host Of The Show, Netizens Have Not Stopped Praising The ‘Miss Korea’ Singer.

lined up as MC Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2021, Lee Hyori has been successfully steal the Korean netizen on charismatic aura. In particular, K-netz fell in love with the visual of the “Miss Korea” singer when walking on the red carpet.

Lee Hyori wore a blue velvet dress with open shoulders that did not cover the tattoo on her upper arm. The dress stretched from the waist down but did not hide the diva’s sexiness. Her appearance was also enhanced with a large gold necklace around her neck and straight hair that fell to her chest.

Even though MAMA 2021 was held on last Saturday (11/12), netizens were constantly talking about Lee Hyori’s charismatic steps in the event. Even though he is now married and has reduced his share of appearing in public, it doesn’t change his appeal as a famous celebrity in South Korea.

Amazed comments were also left by online forum users after MAMA 2021 finished airing. Netizens are busy praising the beauty and strong aura of Lee Sang Soon’s wife .

“Look at the pose,” said one netizen. “Really a true celebrity,” added another netizen. “Just a queen,” added another. “Wow, it’s really beautiful. As from the start, it’s already beautiful,” said another netizen.

“His charisma is still at the top! Just a glance in his eyes makes me want to go there and take a picture with him,” commented a netizen. Truly the queen of the queen of K-Pop!” connect another.

In addition, Lee Hyori not only guides the MAMA 2021 event but also appears with the dancers who graduated from ” Street Woman Fighter “. Now the collaboration performance video has been watched at least 1.5 million times on YouTube.


By Fuzy