Manchester City again failed to reach the highest stage of European competition. The English champions had to be eliminated from the 2021/22 Champions League semifinals , losing to Real Madrid .

Man City is actually considered one of the favorites to win the UCL this season. The strength of Josep Guardiola’s squad is considered extraordinary, one of the best in Europe.

Unfortunately, the mentality of the Man City players is a problem. The first leg, they won 4-3 over Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium. The second leg, they led 1-0 until the 89th minute, but conceded two goals in just two minutes.

Man City’s failure was caused by many factors, one of which was Guardiola’s problem.

Wrong tactics and assessment
Man City’s failure was also noticed by Premier League analyst Simon Jordan. According to him, this season’s failure is more difficult to accept because Man City should be in a good position to win.

“Man City are probably the best team in Europe. So it’s surprising to see them continue to be in the situation that they can’t win this tournament [UCL],” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

In previous years they lost because they were a bit unlucky.”

Worst result
Among Man City’s failures, Jordan considered that the failure against Real Madrid yesterday was the worst. According to him, Guardiola is responsible for the mismanagement of the match.

“Their loss to Real Madrid was probably the worst, because the situation was in their hands for 180 or 190 minutes,” Jordan continued.

“Every time, it seems that match management or the ability to overcome obstacles is missing from their team. And this must be because of the coach’s thinking.”

Pep Guardiola Fails Again in the Champions League, The Curse of the African Shaman Continues?

Manchester City failed to advance to the 2021/2022 Champions League final, after being eliminated by Real Madrid in the semifinals. The Citizens lost 5-6 on aggregate to Los Blancos.

Manchester City ‘s negative results this time also accompanied the failure of coach Pep Guardiola who again failed to bring his team to win the Champions League title.

Like last year, Man City, who successfully advanced to the final, also failed to win because they lost to fellow English team, Chelsea.

In fact, this season Pep Guardiola managed to bring Manchester City to the semifinals of the 2021/2022 Champions League and met Real Madrid. City’s chance of getting into the final seems quite big. Because in the first leg they won 4-3.

However, in the second leg match at the Santiago Bernabeu , Manchester City lost 1-3 to the host Real Madrid. One goal from Riyad Mahrez was able to be chased by Madrid through Rodrygo (2 goals) and Karim Benzema’s penalty.

Still Fasting for the Champions League – This failure adds to the long record of failure of Josep Guardiola in the Champions League stage. He has won the competition twice.

Both he achieved while with Barcelona. The first in the 2008-09 season and then in the 2010-11 season.

However, after that he failed to win another title at the UCL stage. Both with Bayern Munich and with Manchester City.

Guardiola’s best achievement to date has only been runner-up. Precisely in the 2020/2022 season. It was in the final Manchester City dueled against Chelsea. As a result, Guardiola’s troops lost 1-0 thanks to goals from Kai Havertz.

A curse to Pep Guardiola There is a possibility that Josep Guardiola failed to win the Champions League title because he was overthinking when he thought about his tactics. But there may also be other factors.

That factor is the curse of African shamans, as Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitriy Seluk reveals. This stems from Seluk’s comments in 2018.

At that time he claimed Guardiola angered all Africans. The reason is that he often backed up Yaya Toure in his last year at Manchester City.

“He [Guardiola] turned the whole of Africa against himself, many African fans turned their backs on Manchester City. And I’m sure many African shamans in the future will not let Guardiola win the Champions League,” Seluk said as reported by Sportbible.

“This will be a curse for Guardiola from Africa. Life will show if I am right or not,” he claimed.

But the boomerang is coming back, Pep. You will still see what an African shaman is. Always remember this,” said Seluk.

Pep Guardiola’s relationship with Yaya Toure / Yaya Toure and Josep Guardiola seem to have a less harmonious relationship. The two had worked together in Barcelona.

They also both helped Barca win the Champions League title in 2009. At that time the Blaugrana beat Manchester United.

In 2010, Yaya Toure left Barca and joined Manchester City and there were reports that the two had a disorganized relationship. Six years later, he again met Guardiola who was appointed as the new coach at the Etihad Stadium.

Toure is still often trusted to play in the main Man City squad in Guardiola’s first season at the Etihad Stadium. However, the following season he was often substituted.

In the end, Yaya Toure was allowed to leave Manchester City at the end of the season. This in the end annoyed Dimitriy Seluk and perhaps also the shamans in Africa.

By Arkha