Martha Stewart broke up with Anthony Hopkins over her cannibal role

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They only dated for a short time because the media personality businesswoman simply couldn’t abstract from Hannibal Lecter.

“I went with Sir Anthony Hopkins, but I broke up with him because

I couldn’t think of anything else but that he was Hannibal Lecter. ”
Stewart told Ellen DeGeneres on the talk show. “I have a big, awesome house in Maine where the road leads through an acre of forest, and I just couldn’t imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there. It didn’t go because I could only think of the way he eats the “well you know,” he added.

All of this was heard in a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show called Two Truths and a Lie, in which the essence of the game is that the guest reads three statements about themselves,

two of which are true and one is a lie, and DeGeneres must figure out which fact is false.

Since the businesswoman’s argument is a lot of bullshit, the presenter not very surprisingly guessed that the other two curiosities (that she was very sorry for saying no to Saturday Night Live when she was asked to host, and that she had a tattoo on her leg that Crème Depicts a puppy named Brûlée) is true.

As it turned out, the tattoo claim was a lie, as Martha Stewart would never tattoo herself – instead, she throws out an actor at any time, just because it played a role. Understandable. Incidentally, the conversation did not specify when the media personality made this wise decision, but since Stewart divorced her first husband in 1990, and The Lambs Listen (in which Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter) came out in 1991, sometime in the early 1990s. could have happened in the middle.

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