Mason Mount admits that he has developed a lot under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel in the last year or so. Now he goes into the box more often.

Mount is one of Chelsea ‘s irreplaceable players this season. He had missed a few games due to illness and injury, but it was clear Mount was still needed.

Tuchel is still applying the typical Chelsea 3-4-3 formation last year. Mount plays an important role in the formation, especially to help the attackers.

Interestingly, Mount is now getting instructions to try to score goals on his own more often. What did he say?

Role change
Mount admits there has been a change in his role and playing style on the pitch in the last year. Previously he focused on playing in the middle, now he has the freedom to move forward and be more active in helping the attackers.

“In the first year or two I played in a deeper role as a number eight midfielder,” Mount said on Sky Sports.

“Now I play more forward as a number 10 as well as a winger, so I have more chances to get into the box.”

“They want me to be in the box more often and be a threat when attacking. Now this is my big focus,” he added.

More goals
Statistics also prove that Mount makes more touches in the opponent’s penalty box. He can also create more shots, meaning there will be more goals.

“I’ve seen progress in the last few games in terms of the chances I’m getting just getting into the box,” Mount continued.

“Last year, I played more on the left. Last season I stabbed too much in with my right foot. Now maybe I need to focus on sending crosses,” he said.

By Raufs