uper Pilot Maverick released the latest trailer.

This summer, the highly anticipated action blockbuster of actor Tom Cruise – Super Pilot Maverick (Top Gun: Maverick) will officially re-appear on the big screen after many time delays. Recently, the film studio Paramount Pictures has suddenly released the next trailer, revealing a few new details that make the audience “stand still”.

Released in 1986, the movie Top Gun has captivated millions of viewers, with its gravity-defying aerial stunts, incredibly realistic fighter-related stories, and deep feelings about love, brotherhood. The film won the People’s Choice Award in 1987 for Favorite Motion Picture and maintains its place on the list of Best Works of the 80s , as one of the 25 “important films” about cultural, historical or aesthetic” selected for conservation.

In the sequel, after more than thirty years of service, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell once earned a reputation as a fearless top Navy test pilot, avoiding promotion opportunities, which left him feeling trapped. forced, to return to being himself – a captain. During his squad training at Top Gun military school for an unprecedented special mission, Maverick encounters Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), nicknamed Rooster, who is the son of his late best friend Nick. Bradshaw. With this mission, not only facing life-threatening challenges, Pete Mitchell also faces the ghost of the past, the fear deep inside.

Following the previous trailers, this trailer has brought viewers closer to the team that Maverick will lead. They are all the best students of Top Gun, and in it, it is certainly indispensable for Rooster, and a new character with the nickname Hangman.

In particular, after many “tweaks” from previous trailers about the appearance of Iceman – who was an extremely difficult opponent of Maverick, this trailer is almost a confirmation. Because the person who asked Pete Mitchell to return to training was none other than Admiral Kazansky, nicknamed Iceman. Having faced Maverick on many missions, he is the one who best understands the special ability that few people have, and believes that the most suitable person to train the squad is none other than Pete Mitchell.

Interspersed between the revealed details are still extremely eye-catching flying videos but no less suspenseful tension, inherent in Top Gun ‘s style . A war at the level of “no living pilot has ever seen”, is what is described about the mission that Maverick and his team will have to face in this movie, promising to be an electric experience. The photo is worthy of the audience’s long wait.

Maverick Super Pilot is directed by Joseph Kosinski – the man behind hit movies like TRON: Legacy (2010), Oblivion (2013) . In addition, the film is penned by a series of bright screenwriters such as Eric Warren Singer ( American Hustle ), Peter Craig ( The Hunger Games: Mockingjay ) and Justin Marks ( The Jungle Book ).

Besides the return of Tom Cruise as the main character Maverick, the film welcomes new faces such as actor Miles Teller, beauty Jennifer Connelly, and other actors such as Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris and Monica Barbaro.

By Yas Il