Lionel Messi’s seventh Ballon d’Or title is studded with scorn. Netizens are confused as to why Messi can win the title, even though throughout 2021 his achievements are considered not too flashy.

Messi won the Ballon d’Or title after being able to bring Argentina to the 2021 Copa America champion. Another achievement of Messi is to become El Pichichi LaLiga with a collection of 30 goals.

The success of La Pulga as El Pichichi last season, made him record as the player who won it the most in the history of Spanish football.

However, netizens were not happy with Messi’s success. Many feel that Robert Lewandowski is more worthy.

Just politics : Former Norway player, Jan Aage Fjortoft, emphatically called the Ballon d’Or as political with Messi as the winner. Fjortoft even traced what Lewandowski had achieved throughout 2021.

“Messi! Probably the greatest player of all time. But @lewy_official should have won this title. He’s Marco van Basten. Messi, of course, was helped by the absence of last year’s trophy. Please give last year’s Ballon d’Or trophy to Lewandowski. Fix things wrong becomes right,” tweeted Fjortoft.

Last year’s title should have gone directly to Lewandowski : It wasn’t just Fjortoft who reacted. Former England bomber, Gary Lineker, also commented on Messi’s victory.

For Lineker, it should have been with Messi’s victory, in 2020 the Ballon d’Or title was automatically awarded to Lewandowski.

“I think the 2020 Ballon d’Or should go to @lewy_official. He really deserves, at least one trophy,” said Lineker.

Lewandowski is fiercer in 2021 : ndividually, Lewandowski’s achievements in 2021 are indeed more flashy. He was able to score 64 goals and 10 assists until last weekend.

Then, Lewandowski presented the Bundesliga title, Club World Cup, to the DFL Super Cup. Lewandowski also set an individual record by surpassing Gerd Mueller’s record as Bayern’s top scorer in a single season.

But, in reality, Lewandowski could only finish second in the final standings of the Ballon d’Or this season.

By Rama