Looks like the latest Marvel movie is a flop. Critics submitted their Morbius reviews and they were filled with poison. The Spider-Man universe entry has a disgraceful 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes perhaps crowning it the worst Marvel movie ever.

Morbius stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, whose desperate attempts to cure his rare blood disease go awry and overwhelm him with a vampire. Endowed with superhuman abilities, he struggles with the darkness within him.

The film, which opens in theaters on April 1, takes place in the Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage universes. Tom Hardy’s vehicle reception was somewhat better, hitting 30 percent and 58 percent on RT, respectively. Both Venom films did well at the box office, so maybe Morbius will defy the critics and earn a lot of money as well.

And at least it’s not the worst RT superhero movie of all time ! The 2016 Max Steel bomb has dubious honors after blanking at 0 percent. And Morbius ranks above other big-budget figurines based on Marvel comics, like 2015’s Fantastic Four and 2005’s Elektra.

David Fear of Rolling Stone stated Moribus was “anemic” and “a mess.” Fear also wrote, “Is Morbius the worst Marvel movie ever made? In an alternate universe without The New Mutants, the answer is probably yes.”

Kate Erbland of IndieWire wrote, “Even the most basic elements of this film are incomprehensible.” The critic added, Morbius was “mostly surprised by how boring it was.”

IGN’s Matt Donato called it “unspectacular in a way that squanders the potential of what could be a compelling hybrid of spooky horror and superhero thrill.” Donato and Hollywood Reporter David Rooney called out Morbius for being too focused on building a universe for future sequels. Rooney also noted the film was “thin in story, desperately stringing together chaotic explosions and clashes of action.”

At least Time’s Stephanie Zacharek has some positive things to say about Leto’s performance, who “has a silent quiver vulnerability.”

Jordan Farley of TotalFilm is no hater, but also described Morbius as a film that would “inspire total indifference – competent enough not to waste time, but not entertaining enough to recommend it to anyone but the most dedicated superhero cinema. complete.”

So what if Morbius’ review was a big “ouch?” First of all, it might still be a hit for Sony. Second, there are plenty of upcoming Marvel movies and shows that are likely to get better reviews.

One of them is already a critical lover: Moon Knight, which just debuted on March 30. In our Moon Knight review, Henry T. Casey praised the show for being “unique, intense, and utterly captivating.”

And the Marvel train will keep rolling year round with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 6), Ms. Marvel (June 8), Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8), Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11) and She-Hulk (late 2022).

When it comes to Marvel projects, there’s nothing to worry about. On to the next superhero story… and the next… and the next.











By Arkha