Visual effects in the movie ‘Morbius’ look more real by adopting the technique of ‘Avengers: Endgame’

It can’t be denied that the visual effects in the latest film ‘Morbius’ are so real.

‘ Morbiu ‘s’ visual effects supervisor Matthew E. Butler reveals Sony’s upcoming film uses the same VFX technology when creating the ultra-realistic Thanos (Josh Brolin) character in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

In his production release, Butler explains how the special techniques are used in creating VFX characters while creating another credible super villain in the film.

While ‘ Avengers: Endgame ‘ used a lot of digital effects to create the entire character, the film was highly praised for how real these virtual characters are on the big screen. This process is due to the creation of a complete digital model from top to bottom of the character

VFX artists film actors on set, using dots to capture all the tiny details of human expression and translate them into film-inspired models. According to Butler, the ‘Morbius’ team uses the same process.

Butler also added that Director Daniel Espinosa and the VFX team decided to re-record a series of points of the actors’ faces in the helmet camera to be able to refine every detail. The software used to translate each move is completely different.

All the dazzling changes conjured up by Espinosa and his team for ‘Morbius’ is very visible for the need to change the human version of Morbius to the monster version played by Jared Leto. When this Jared Leto character thirsts for blood and transforms into a shape in the blink of an eye. This section alters each side of the actor’s original image with the latest digital deformation effects.

According to Butler, Morbius’ transformation from vampire to human and vice versa (which is usually triggered by anger or circumstances) features a very different expression. The solution used to re-film the actor from each facial mimic geometry to manipulate the shape of his face in every change that occurs.

‘ Morbius ‘ tells the story of Doctor Michael Morbius, a man with a rare and deadly blood disease who is ready to do anything to find a cure. Unfortunately, during his quest for a magical cure, Morbius ends up transforming himself into a bloodthirsty half-vampire that preys on humans to survive.

However, the Morbius curse comes with several advantages, such as increased strength, speed, reflexes, and even teleportation abilities. In the comic books, Morbius uses his newfound powers to ruthlessly fight crime, and it is hoped that the film adaptation will follow a similar path.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa from a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, ‘Morbius’ hits theaters April 1, 2022.

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