The horror film, The Medium , has become a film that is widely discussed on social media. The film, which is a collaboration between South Korea and Thailand, presents scary scenes with mystical shamanic rituals that are familiar to Indonesians.

You haven’t watched The Medium and are still confused about whether to watch it or not? Check out some facts and reasons to watch it:

1. Telling the world of shamanism
The Medium film has been airing in cinemas since last October 20, presenting a gripping storyline. If all this time, horror films have mostly featured ghost figures, The Medium looks different by discussing the world of shamanism.

The shaman (medium) who has flowed in the family’s blood turned out to have caused a change in attitude in one of the family members. The change can not be separated from the evil spirits that possessed them to bring many scary scenes.

2. Famous Korean-Thai director
The Medium is a masterpiece by renowned Thai director Banjong Pisathanakun and Na Hong Jin from South Korea. The name Banjong Pisanthanakun is familiar to horror movie lovers.

Banjong Pisanthanakun previously successfully directed the films Shutter, Pee Mak, Alone, Phobia 2, to Hello Stranger. Meanwhile, Na Hong Jin had become a public conversation because he managed to work on the film The Wailing.

3. The Medium entered the South Korean Box Office and bagged the award
Since its release in Korea on July 14, 2021, The Medium has managed to rank first at the South Korean box office. On the first day of its release, the film managed to get 129,917 viewers.

Not only that, The Medium was ranked second amongother Korean films and earned revenues of US $ 5.73 million. The Medium also won the main award as ‘Best of Bucheon’ at the South Korea Bucheon International Film Festival. The horror film also won the grand prize at the Bifan Fantasy Film Festival Hybrid Edition.

4. The film is delivered in the style of a documentary
The Medium is made with a documentary-style story that is different from other horror films.

Taking pictures also seems to place the audience as people who are actually in that place. The audience was brought to feel as part of the documentary team. The whole scene was recorded with cameras and CCTV.

5. Suitable for gore movie lovers
The Medium shows a lot of sadistic scenes even covered in blood or called gore films. This film is suitable for those of you who like gore genre films.

This film is also recommended for those who like mystical or ancient things.

By Rama