At first glance, One Piece looks like a series that shows the exciting adventures of a group of teenagers in a colorful world. However, the story of One Piece itself is actually darker than it seems. This series often features scenes that may be quite disturbing for some viewers.

Although One Piece is not a brutal anime, there are several scenes that are enough to prove that One Piece is too dark to be presented to teenagers or children.

Here are five of the most disturbing moments ever in the One Piece series . Check out the following reviews, yes!

When Kozuki Oden is fried alive : Kozuki Oden’s death is perhaps the most gruesome death in the series. How not, Oden had to accept a very painful torture before death, where he was fried in hot oil alive.

On the day of his execution, Kaido agreed to release Oden and his troops as long as they could stay in the hot oil for an hour. Knowing his troops would not be able to hold out, Oden took a plank and told his troops to stand on it, while Oden soaked himself in hot oil.

Even though Oden managed to survive, Orochi still ordered the execution of Oden. Oden then throws his troops out to save them, before Kaido finally shoots Oden in the head.

When Big Mom eats her friends and nannies : As a child, Big Mom was cared for by Carmel at the Sheep House orphanage. On her birthday, Big Mom was very happy because she got a birthday cake. So happy, Big Mom burst into tears and her vision became blurry.

When her eyesight is impaired, Big Mom accidentally eats all of her friends and caregivers. Even though it seems dark, Big Mom actually has accidentally saved herself from Carmel. The reason is, Carmel intends to sell Big Mom to be a slave.

When Toko witnessed his father’s death : In addition to the execution of Oden, the execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie is also a heartbreaking execution. The reason, this execution was witnessed directly by his own daughter, Shimotsuki Toko. The execution begins when Yasuie is captured by Orochi when he sacrifices himself to help Kozuki Momonosuke’s revolutionary plans.

Although Yasuie didn’t mean to die in front of his son, in fact Toko witnessed the execution with his own eyes. It completely destroyed the Shop. It’s heartbreaking again, Toko can’t express his sadness because he himself has eaten the SMILE fruit.

When Judge locked Sanji in the dungeon : Sanji’s father, Vinsmoke Judge, can probably be called one of the worst fathers in anime history. When Sanji is deemed unable to live up to his expectations, Judge declares to everyone that Sanji is dead. He even held a funeral ceremony for Sanji.

While everyone assumes that Sanji is really dead, Judge locks Sanji in a dungeon. Judge even puts Sanji on an iron mask so his face is not recognized. When the Sanji brothers find out the truth, they make things worse. At that time, Reiju was the only brother of Sanji who helped Sanji.

When society tried to kill the Donquixote family : Previously, the Donquixote family was a member of the World Nobles where they lived in luxury behind the suffering of others. However, Homing couldn’t stand it all so he decided to take his family out of the World Nobles and live as ordinary people.

However, it actually causes suffering that is far more painful. They had to live in poverty which eventually led to the death of Doflamingo’s mother. It didn’t stop there, when people found out that the Donquixote family were former World Nobles, they immediately tried to kill every member of the Donquixote family.

Behind the colorful world, One Piece also keeps its own dark side. The five moments above have proven that One Piece is a fairly dark series. Of the five moments above, which moment do you find the most disturbing?

By Rama