From a row of leagues in Europe, the Premier League is known as the most exciting league. The main competition in England does have many big clubs and famous star players.

Not only tourist players who shine in the English Premier League (EPL), England itself has also produced many great talents. Who are the most expensive players in the Premier League?

Harry Kane (Rp 1.95 Trillion) : In the first place, there is a bloody player from England, Harry Kane. He is a talent who graduated from the Tottenham Hotspur academy who made his debut in the senior team in 2011. Until now, Kane has served more than ten years.

Even though he is 28 years old, Harry Kane is still the most expensive player in the Premier League. It is worth a market value of IDR 1.95 trillion in the transfer market. The centre-forward has been rumored to want to leave. But until now he still survives with a three-year contract duration until 2024.

ack Grealish (Rp 1.63 Trillion) : Since joining Manchester City last summer, Jack Grealish’s name has skyrocketed. He was brought in for 117.5 million euros, or around Rp. 1.87 trillion, becoming the most expensive signing in the club’s transfer history.

In early October, Grealish’s market value also rose by 35 million euros (Rp 559 billion). Now he has a bandrol worth 100 million euros, equivalent to Rp. 1.63 trillion. The 27 – year – old left winger has taken part in 15 games with The Citizens .

Romelu Lukaku (Rp 1.63 Trillion) : Despite coming from Belgium, Romelu Lukaku seems more comfortable playing in the Premier League. He first set foot in England in 2011 to defend Chelsea. Then he tried his career with Everton (2014-2017) and Manchester United (2017-2019).

After tasting grass in Italy with Inter Milan for two seasons (2019-2021), Lukaku even returned to Chelsea last summer. It is also no less expensive. The star label in him makes Lukaku valued at IDR 1.63 trillion in the current transfer market.

Kevin De Bruyne (Rp 1.63 Trillion) : Another talent from Belgium who is quite successful in his career in England, who else if not Kevin De Bruyne. Similar to Lukaku, the 30-year-old player also has a marker value of IDR 1.63 trillion.

Over the years of proving himself, Kevin De Bruyne deserves to be called one of the best attacking midfielders in the Premier League. Since joining Manchester City in 2015, he has racked up 70 goals and 108 assists in 276 appearances.

By Rama