That is the basis for Pixar to design the cute and adorable skull characters in this film. Pixar added brightly colored eyeballs, ornaments, costumes, and attributes. So that the skulls have a more lively expression. Like humans. In addition, the hilarious dialogue between them also makes the skulls look very funny and attract attention.

So far, detailed and vivid animation has become Pixar’s main weapon in working on their films. Coco is a musical animated film with lots of dancing moves and music playing. Therefore, Pixar not only makes the movements of the characters look alive, but also in rhythm with the music. In fact, during the scene of Miguel playing the guitar, the Pixar animation team noticed his hand movements. To be precise with the guitar chords. They want to make sure that the Mexican culture presented by this film is truly authentic. So that the audience will have more experience after watching Coco.

And, as a result, after airing globally starting last Wednesday (22/11), Coco received a very positive response from critics. The film, whose music was arranged by Michael Giacchino, is considered successful in packing a dark story in an interesting way. Which is suitable for children to watch. Although the theme of death, the story of Coco’s film is not as scary as horror films. In fact, in fact, it is able to remove the fear and confusion of children about the concept of death.

In addition, Coco’s colorful visualization also makes this film even more captivating. Moreover, the story is also very emotional and touching. With a storyline that is also unpredictable. Therefore, it’s no wonder, so far, the Rotten Tomatoes site has rewarded Coco with a 96 percent rating!

Besides being praised by critics, at the box office, Coco is also predicted to be successful. One of the indications, only three days of screening, the film with a budget of USD 200 million has been able to reap revenues of USD 70 million. Disney also hopes that Coco can match the success of Tangled (2010), The Good Dinosaur (2015), and Moana (2016). Or, even, Frozen (2013). Which, at the time, was also released ahead of Thanksgiving in America.

Btw, speaking of Frozen, what makes Coco even more mandatory is the opening short film. Namely: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The 21-minute film tells the adventures of the snowman Olaf. By featuring new songs about the Christmas holidays.

So, don’t be late to the cinema. Because, before watching Miguel’s adventures in the Land of the Dead, we will first be treated to Olaf’s behavior. That’s cute and adorable.

When released in 2014, Paddington managed to capture the attention of moviemania. With a capital of USD 55 million, the comedy film released by StudioCanal was able to earn up to USD 268 million. In addition, the response from the critics was also very positive. In fact, it has a 98% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site! Therefore, inevitably, Paddington’s success then made producers tempted to make a follow-up film. The title is Paddington 2. Which has been showing in Cinema XXI cinemas starting last Friday (10/11).

By Fatrick