The Group of Penitentiary Administration Corps denounced this week the bizarre escape of a prisoner from the Valdemoro prison in Madrid, taking advantage of a visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in the capital. Apparently, the prison management authorized this cultural outing for the group of inmates who were taken by bus to the art gallery.

The inmate, 35 years old and serving the second prison degree, so he still has a lot of time left to serve his sentence, at one point at the beginning of the tour he asked to go to the bathroom, where he took the opportunity to flee on the run, according to union sources confirmed.

The exit to the museum had been authorized by the penitentiary center management and the prisoners arrived on foot at the art gallery after being transferred to the area by a bus from the prison. He was in charge of two therapists belonging to an NGO. In this way, the aforementioned sources consulted, have pointed out that the prisoner is still unaccounted for after fleeing from the movie.

Nothing could be done to prevent the escape, the therapists who, after the event, had to suspend the visit and account for the facts, as well as the rest of the prisoners.

The inmate was serving a sentence in one of the best modules of the prison and was part of the workshop unit, as reported by La Razón, assuring that his position is highly demanded by the majority of prisoners.

Precisely, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has a valuable artistic collection, which came to complement the repertoire exhibited in the two main state museums, the Prado and the Reina Sofía . Therefore, this prison visit is carried out as on other occasions to other museums in the city.

From the Group of Penitentiary Administration Bodies, it is stated that this escape occurs at a ” convulsive” moment, since “the unions have requested the resignation and dismissal of the director, due to the criminalization to which he is subjecting the staff and the unjust provisional prison that four companions have suffered”.

The union sections of Acaip-UGT, APFP, CCOO and CSIF in the Madrid III Valdemoro penitentiary center have requested the dismissal of the director of the prison after the case of the officials arrested for allegedly passing drugs to prisoners and for collaborating in some way forms with the well-known escape of El Piojo and his brother.

The complaint came from the director of the prison after four prisoners accused several officials of putting mobile phones and drugs. The Civil Guard questioned the inmates, the director and deputy director of security and drew up a statement saying that they have not found any crime, except for the protected witnesses, who did not confirm the complaints in court and the Prosecutor’s Office requested and Judge Concepción Azuara decreed his freedom after spending four and a half months in prison.

Thus, on March 22, the dismissal of the open proceedings against those prison officials for the crimes of organized gang, against public health, bribery, prevarication and omission of the duty to prevent crimes was decreed, ” because there is not even proof of that these crimes have been committed in that prison », according to a joint press release from the aforementioned unions.

By Jaya