The film that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting for is finally out. The crowd’s enthusiasm can be seen from the number of seats that were filled on the first day of broadcast, which was almost without gaps. Even the Anti-Spoiler-Spoiler Club appeared in cyberspace who did not want the viewing experience to be reduced because of the leaks of stories from other netizens. Because of that, I’m trying to keep this Avengers Infinity War Review minimal of spoilers. #thanosdemandsilent

After the disbandment of the Avengers due to differences of opinion in Captain America: Civil War (2016) ago. These superheroes are separated and scattered. Beyond their knowledge, from outer space there appears a powerful enemy. The enemy is a purple giant named Thanos. Thanos’ presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not the first time, he has appeared in several after-credits for previous films.

Thanos has a noble goal of trying to create balance in the universe. But he did this goal by eliminating half the population of the universe. Thanos’ dream can be realized easily only if he can unite the 6 immortal stones, therefore Thanos and his minions roam the universe looking for these stones. Thanos’ stone search mission automatically makes him have to deal with the Avengers because the two stones he is looking for are on earth, namely the Mind Stone in Vision and the Time Stone guarded by Dr. Strange.

Previously I had thought about how this film is presented with so many stars in it, I thought the story would be too scattered and unfocused. But after watching it my prediction was refuted.

I think Thanos has a bigger share in this film, it could also be that Thanos is actually the main character in this film. After only appearing for a second or two in previous MCU films, this time Thanos really stole the show. By focusing the story on the villain, the audience understands the reasons and motivations of Thanos in carrying out his evil mission and also makes Thanos look more human.

The way Thanos is portrayed and told is one of the things I like in this film. Thanos actually has a noble goal. He saw that the universe was on the verge of collapse. He didn’t want everything to end like it was on Titan, where it came from. The problem with Titan is that when there are too many mouths to feed against the reality of limited resources, it leads to destruction. Reflecting on this, he wanted to create a balance in the universe. The hope is that the creatures that live in it can live a prosperous and affluent life. But the way is done in an inappropriate way, namely trying to massacre half the universe.

Thanos’ evil side is reduced to a few degrees. He is still described as a being who has love and compassion. He is not a figure who acts evil because he was created as a villain. Thanos has his own perception of good and bad which makes him have strong enough reasons for carrying out his actions. The only thing that differentiates Thanos from a hero is that he doesn’t sacrifice himself for others.

Apart from Thanos’ figure, other figures seem to appear as complementary figures, some even seem like unimportant people who are caught by the camera. But I don’t mind it. Just imagine how to package dozens of main characters to be combined into one story and each of them is required to have an optimal role. If he tries to follow the demands of the audience, Anthony Russo must be confused .

Maybe Avengers Infinity war is not the best MCU film, but it must be admitted that this film is the busiest film compared to the previous films. Here we can see how Iron Man, Thor join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy or see Spiderman fighting alongside Dr. Strange against Thanos. Also with the reunion of Team Stark and Team Steve who broke up in Civil Wars. Moments that MCU fans have been waiting for.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film from a technical point of view as well as a story. The duration of 150 minutes doesn’t feel that long because the storytelling is flowing and not long-winded. Even though it’s not the best, Avengers Infinity War seems enough to ensure they will get the same interest, maybe even bigger when the sequel to Avengers Infinity War is released next year.

By Raufs