Disney can be said to be the king of business companies in the world. Walt Disney, who initially founded Disney with his animated character in the form of a mouse, Mickey Mouse, has grown to this day. Starting from adopting legendary fairy tales into animated films, turning them into theme park rides, to Broadway shows, Disney managed to create something new and was very well received by the public. In 2010 which began with Alice in the Wonderland , Disney again innovated by adapting their properties into live-action films .

Since the appearance of the first trailer, Beauty and the Beast has seen a full adaptation of the animated film with the same title. Starting from the story, songs, and dialogue, almost nothing is different, there are only a few additions and changes that are not too significant. This may be because they want to give a nostalgic effect to the fans of the animated film, or they have not been able to find the right story to replace the animated storyline Beauty and the Beast, which in 1991 became the first animated film to be nominated for Best Pictures (not Best Animation Pictures). ) at the Oscars.

For a musical, the musical numbers Beauty and the Beast is nothing special, except for “Be Our Guest”. When compared to the animated film, it is clearly still inferior. Maybe this cannot be separated from the musical numbers in the animated film, there are many slapstick jokes that are difficult to translate into live-action form . But compared to other musical films that were released not too long ago, La La Land (because it’s still fresh in my memory and I’ve watched it 4 times, the review can be seen here ), the choreography and camerawork of La La Land is much more special. Besides that a lot of singing in Beauty and the Beast sounds like a lot of helpauto tune, not natural.

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Although I’m not a fan of Emma Watson but she really looks like a princess . But unfortunately he wasn’t given a wow moment like when I watched Lily James in Cinderella (2015) when he entered the dance hall. Even the shot of Kate Winslet while waiting for Leo near the clock in the movie Titanic makes her look more elegant and wow than the shotcamera when Emma Watson is about to dance. The characters that caught my attention were the household items voiced by Ewan McGregor (as Lumière) and Sir Ian McKellen (Cogsworth). And Steven as Beast is also good, it makes Beast more sensitive and Gaston (played by Luke Evans) here becomes more antagonistic than just a (pretentious) macho boy.

Regardless of media coverage or boycotts from some circles because LeFou’s character (played by Josh Gad) is gay, but for me it’s too much. Even if it shows that he is gay, it’s very subtle , even the scene that is said to be exclusively gay does n’t even last 3 seconds, it’s a blink-and-you miss-it moment. If you don’t read the news, LeFou’s behavior throughout the film is only a more realistic translation of the ridiculousness of LeFou’s character in the animated film.

Will this live-action adaptation be better or worse? After finishing watching, the answer is both. On the one hand it is fun and very fitting to see the animation translated in real form, but there are times when it doesn’t work. The addition of the prince’s past story before becoming a Beast for me makes the audience care more about him, but the addition when Belle and Beast transport (or time travel? ) to Belle’s childhood place, I don’t buy it.

Even though Beauty and the Beast has a story that is very similar to the story of the animated film, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it . This film has succeeded in translating the classic film into a live action form that has the same magic, although it is still below the standard and should be better.

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By Kania