Deadpool 2 has been made interesting since the film hasn’t been released yet. The teasers, trailers, and gimmicks provided are enough to entertain potential viewers. One example is the collaboration with a local superhero, Wiro Sableng and also his appearance in the Deadpool 2 soundtrack video clip entitled Ashes sung by Celine Dion.

This film tells about what happened following the timeline of the previous Deadpool films. This time, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynold, is crushing criminals in his own way. It turns out that all of his actions have brought his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) into danger. He became a victim in an act of revenge from a gang of criminals.

The loss of someone he loved most made Wade feel devastated, several times he tried to commit suicide but his ability to regenerate did not make him die. Until one day he meets the mutant ABG Russel aka Firefist (Julian Dennison). This meeting with Russell seemed to be a sign for Deadpool, who was still haunted by Vanessa in his dreams. Armed with this message, Deadpool tries to protect Russell.

At the same time, Cable (Josh Brolin) comes from the future. His arrival was to stop what would happen to his family in the future. His mission makes Cable have to deal with Deadpool. In order to carry out his mission, Deadpool formed a team consisting of humans with super powers which he named X-Force.

In addition to saying that this film is a family film, at the beginning of the story Deadpool also says that he will die in this film. At first I did not believe what he said, but the storyline continues to direct those words into reality. But is it possible that Marvel will turn off characters that are starting to be loved by the audience like what was done to half of the superheroes in Avengers Infinity War ? I hope not.

When compared to the previous film, Deadpool 2 has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is in the larger portion of the action. Coupled with the emergence of new characters into the story such as Cable, Firefist, Domino and Yukio. One of my favorite parts of the action is when Domino (Zazie Beetz) acts with the ability he has, luck.

While the drawback is in the depreciation of the sense of the jokes in this film. Maybe it’s because of the repetition of the formula jokes brought by Deadpool. Old songs, reference movies, pop culture and derision on the DC Universe or how breaking the 4 th wall still relied upon in making the audience laugh. So far the formula is still working, just don’t know how long it will last. However, it must be admitted that the jokes that he brought could not be digested by all viewers to the fullest. You need more knowledge about songs, movies and pop culture to get the contents of the jokes and enjoy them to the fullest.

Overall Deadpool 2 is a very entertaining dish. His status as R-Rated and the character of Deadpool itself makes this film have the ability to tear apart everything that can’t be done in other Superhero Movies but also makes it difficult to be the main dish. Deadpool 2 is like an interlude that would be a pity to leave or it could also be likened to an Afternoon Tea dish that is packaged naughtily, brutally and makes people go into an uproar.

By Raufs