Fans can’t guess how the story will turn out. Will Cable be the main villain? Or will there be real enemies that haven’t been shown yet?

In the comics version, Cable is a mutant from the future. Real name: Nathan Summers. In fact, he is the son of a member of X-Men: Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. His mother is Madelyne Pryor. Which is a clone of Jean Grey, aka Phoenix.

When he was a baby, it is said that Nathan Summers was forcibly taken from his father. Then he is transported to the future, where he is infected with a techno-organic virus. Which, in the end, turned the left side of his body into a prosthetic. Therefore, Cable’s physique, which was initially weak, turned out to be very strong and had resilience beyond normal humans. Especially, his bionic body parts.

One example of the super power that Cable has is the part of his left eye. The techno-organic one. His eyesight became thousands of times sharper than ordinary humans. In fact, it can see in the infrared spectrum.

In addition, as a mutant descendant, Cable is also gifted with super powers: He was born with telepathy and telekinesis (able to move or influence an object with his mind). It enabled him to protect his own mind. So it is difficult for the opponent to read.

In the Marvel comics, Cable is a former member of the X-Men, X-Force, and the Avengers. However, in 20th Century Fox’s Mutants Cinematic Universe, it seems, Cable will be the bridge that connects the Deadpool 2 story with the X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants films. Through his time traveling ability.

In Deadpool 2, Cable looks very fierce. His body is big. Indeed, not as big as Thanos, really. However, keep it up, it looks very fierce. Moreover, coupled with various weapons and machine guns that he always carried everywhere.

However, even so, behind Cable’s fierce look, there is a sentimental side: At his waist always hangs a tattered Teddy Bear. Maybe, to remind him of his family. Or his childhood. That dark one.

However, apart from that, there are also fans who theorize that the Teddy Bear doll was a code from 20th Century Fox. To be precise, related to the appearance of Hope Summers. aka Cable’s daughter. Which, in the Marvel comics, became part of the Phoenix Force. So, there is a possibility, he will appear in the film X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The broadcast has been postponed to next year.

Btw, the image as a ruthless villain, it seems, will be increasingly attached to Josh Brolin. After becoming Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the 49-year-old actor plays Grumpy Cable in this Deadpool 2 film.

In the Deadpool 2 trailer that has been released by 20th Century Fox, Josh Brolin looks exactly like Cable in the comic version: His body is half machine. With a cable wrapped around his left neck. As well as his bionic arm. And his twinkling robotic eyes.

In fact, Cable’s adaptation was so perfect into a live-action version in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin’s performance got praise from Fabian Nicieza. One of the X-Men comic writers who is also the creator of the character Cable.

By Fatrick