Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 film full of surprises. Only the hardcore Marvel comics readers know who this collection of ‘space superheroes’ are. I, who only read Marvel’s mainstream comics , only found out after Marvel’s announcement. But with a story that was fresh and unusual for the superhero film genre, Guardians of the Galaxy earned acclaim from audiences and scored a box office success of $773 million (according to box office mojo ).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 again tells the story of the a-holes consisting of an arrogant human who calls himself Star-Lord, a green alien child-killer from Thanos, a muscular man who always takes everything literally, a raccoon resulting from an illegal scientific experiment, and a tree that can only say 3 words. . After successfully saving the galaxy in the previous film, this time they are better known as galaxy savior heroes and are asked to protect an important object on a planet. After successfully saving the object, something happened to them because of the actions of one of the Guardians and destiny brought Star-Lord to his past.

Still the same as the previous film, the second installment this time also still highlights its comedic side. Starting from the beginning, the film is presented with a hilarious opening scene , and will be one of the most memorable opening scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the film, there are also many jokes that make the whole studio laugh out loud, and for me it’s even funnier than before. But unfortunately in the middle of the end the jokes are a bit loose and only a few one liners are sometimes forced.

For the story itself Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is more ordinary and predictable than the previous film. There are no surprises like Star-Lord asking to dance off at critical moments, this time the film ends with a racing against time template full of over the top action . But fortunately, this action treat with a slick CGI wrap is still visually satisfying enough for me. The big ‘ family’ theme taken by this film has also been used a lot, even the movie Fate of the Furiouswhich was released nearby also had the same theme. Maybe this theme will work and touch me if it’s not coincidental that this theme is in 3 different sub-plots, like a drama episode where suddenly everyone is discussing the same thing.

Although the story is not as special as the previous film, but for matters of choosing the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, it is not inferior to the previous film. Still relying on 70s slow rock songs, James Gunn (or whoever handles them ) managed to choose a song that was not only fun to listen to but fits right into the scene, not like *cough* Suicide Squad *cough*.

Overall Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 still presents an entertaining show with cool visuals and soundtrack . But for those who expect something new and fresh like the previous film, they might be disappointed like me. Maybe because my expectations this time were quite high compared to the first film, which had no expectations at all, so the reaction was different.




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By Kania