In 2005, Pixar had released an animated short film called Jack-Jack Attack. Among them: levitation and teleportation. As well as a walk on the ceiling of the house. Sort of like Spider-Man. The babysitter who took care of him, it is said, was torn to death.

In Incredibles 2, we will again be treated to the super power of Jack-Jack. In the teaser trailer for the film, which was released in November 2017, the baby in the diaper can be seen disappearing and, suddenly, appearing through the wall. After that, he transformed into a mini-Hulk and emitted a green laser beam from his eyes. In fact, besides that, when he sneezes, Jack-Jack can also shoot lightning. Then turns into a fireman when annoyed.

Although the release date is 14 years apart, the story of Incredibles 2 does continue directly from the events of the first film. So, there are no time jumps. Jacks didn’t get any bigger. In addition, her two older sisters, Violet and Dash, were also children.

Consequently, Dash’s voice actor had to be replaced. Spencer Fox, the dubber of the first The Incredibles, is now 24 years old. Of course, his voice had changed. Meanwhile, Violet’s voice was still filled by Sarah Vowell.

If you look at the last trailer for Incredibles 2, which was released in April 2018, the story of this second film, it seems, will focus more on Helen, aka Elastigirl. Meanwhile, her husband, Bob Parr, will be at home more. Take care of their children. In the first film, even though all his family members have super powers, Bob is the one who is doing most of the crime-fighting. Now, that role, it seems, will shift. Because it was taken over by Helen.

According to Holly Hunter, Helen’s voice actor, Elastigirl will indeed play many roles in Incredibles 2. She fulfills her calling as a superhero. And no longer depend on the big name of the husband, Mr. Incredible. It is also an inspiration for women. Long ago, many girls were taught not to be ambitious or competitive. Contrary to what boys are taught. Now, the times have changed.

While Helen is having fun with her new role as a superhero, it is said that Bob Parr has difficulty carrying out his duties as a housewife. He is confused about Violet’s moody puberty. In addition, Bob was also unable to help Dash with his math homework. However, the most difficult is taking care of Jack-Jack.

In addition to the Parr Family, the trailer for Incredibles 2 also shows the return of two supporting characters from the first film. Namely: Lucius Best, aka Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), and superdesigner Edna Mode (Brad Bird). Frozone is Bob Parr’s best friend. He has the super power to freeze things into ice.

Meanwhile, Edna is a fashion designer who is told to design superhero costumes. Including, the costumes used by the Parr family. Since appearing in the first film The Incredibles, her petite and petite figure has immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

By Fatrick