Robert Langdon is back again after 7 years since the first film, Angels and Demons, and 10 years since the first film, The Da Vinci Code. This third film is based on Dan Brown’s fourth novel of Robert Langdon’s adventures, whether it was intentionally made to jump – the first film is based on the second book, the second film is based on the first book, the third film from the fourth book – or indeed because Inferno is considered by many fans as the best book of the year. Robert Langdon’s adventure series.

Tom Hanks returns to play this art professor. Like James Bond who always changes female partners , Professor Langdon also always changes to a younger and of course beautiful female partner , this time named Sienna Brooks (played by Felicity Jones). Joining this film are Ben Foster, Irrfan Khan, Sidse Babett, and several other supporting actors/actresses.

With a fast pace , amnesiac main character, and action adventure exploring exotic places in Europe, Inferno can be said to be an older version of Jason Bourne’s film. Actually this is also what I had in mind when I first read the book when I was in college. But unfortunately like most films from book adaptations, this film is not as cool as when reading the book.

This film lacks in the most essential part of the Dan Brown book series, which is a sense of fun in solving problems/hints. With the pace and dialogue fast from the start to more than half the length of the film, audiences are given very little time to really understand what’s really going on and what clues are used. It helped me a lot because I’ve read the book, if not, maybe I’ll be like the one sitting next to me asking, ‘Why did that happen?’.

The plot twists, although not as much as in the books, are equally interesting, of course, even those who haven’t read the book. Unfortunately, the plot twist is the biggest part , it’s not as surprising as the book because in the book, Dan Brown’s word play is very genius and can play with the reader’s mind so that when it is disassembled, it makes you mumble “f*ck” and then return to the previous few pages to check again.

As an adaptation of an adventure film based on architectural works or sculptures/paintings, this film only briefly displays these beautiful works. In the past, when I read the book while imagining, I also sat in front of the laptop while searching the location to increase enjoyment and help visualize what was in the book.

The thing that saves this film a little is how director Ron Howard makes visualizations of Langdon’s paintings and memories at the beginning of the film. The ending of the film which is the opposite of the ending of the book is also a plus in itself, because when I read the ending of the book, I was also a bit disappointed because it was anticlimactic even though the set-up was very cool.

If I had watched this film in high school, I might have liked it. Like the previous 2 films, I watched it many times in high school and college and liked it, but a few days ago I watched it again and it turned out that the film wasn’t as good as I remembered because there were a lot of plot holes here and there. So those who like the previous 2 films will still be able to enjoy this film, but if you can’t enjoy the previous 2 films, you may end up disappointed like me.

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By Kania