Thor: Ragnarok (2017) is still in theaters. Through the Justice League. Films produced by Warner Bros. Pictures is a gateway to introduce the DC Comics superhero gang. aka DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Yes, Justice League is a competitor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Avengers. Which is a collection of Disney-produced superheroes.

The story of the Justice League film continues the story of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). After Superman (Henry Cavill) died at the hands of Doomsday, it is said, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) are looking for and gathering metahumans. Their goal is to save the world from the invasion of supervillain Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) and his alien army of Parademons.

So, in addition to Batman and Wonder Woman, Justice League is also strengthened by Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller). Meanwhile, although his involvement, in this film, has not been officially confirmed (because he died in the previous film), it is rumored that Superman will reappear.

Yes, it seems, Superman will indeed rise from the dead. Besides the plot, what also makes fans curious is how the latest version of Superman looks like in this film. In the various posters and trailers of Justice League that have been released, there is absolutely no visible figure who has an alter-ego named Clark Kent.

Last year, Henry Cavill, the Superman actor, had uploaded a photo via his Instagram account. The contents are pieces of textured rubber leotard images. Like carvings that form a certain pattern. Which is black. With the caption: #Superman. Which will be used in this Justice League movie.

At that time, Kal-El, aka Clark Kent, used it against the fake Superman (fake hope you gave me #curcol). Which is a clone of Lex Luthor.

In the comic version, during Superman’s “death”, there were indeed four fake Superman who wore costumes. However, after resurrecting, the real Superman then wears a new black costume. And, what’s also interesting, he has long hair!

Director Zack Snyder himself had revealed in a media visit event in June last year, that the Man of Steel, perhaps, would have long hair. Like in the comic version.

However, even so, Zack Snyder insists that he will not make this Justice League film exactly the same as the comic. Because there is a new color that he gave. I don’t know if it’s a storyline or characterization.Mainly, to gather strength. In order to form a bigger and more solid team.

For Ben Affleck himself, Justice League is the film with the largest scale he has ever starred in throughout his career. The visual elements used by this film are massive. And it would be really awesome if you saw it in theaters.

In the poster that was released some time ago, it appears that Batman is wearing a new bulletproof Batsuit. The bat crest on his chest looks wider and bigger. And silver in color. Like aluminum plated. In addition, there is also additional armor mounted on the shoulders, biceps, knees, and the chest of the six pack.

By Fatrick