Starring Kevin Costner. With the soundtrack of the song (Everything I Do) I Do It for You by Bryan Adams. That legendary one. Then there’s Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood. Which was released in 2010.

However, unfortunately, despite being popular and quite successful in attracting audiences, the two Robin Hood films received a negative response from critics. So, the latest Robin Hood film, directed by Otto Bathurst, is expected to be better than its predecessors.

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According to Otto Bathurst, this version of the Robin Hood film is different from the previous films. However, the outline of the story remains the same. Namely, about the struggle of a folk hero against corrupt government officials.

The idea to make a Robin Hood film, actually, has been around since 2015. However, the production process for the film, which was originally titled Robin Hood: Origins, was delayed. Because the main star, Taron Egerton, is still busy with the project Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017). After completing his duties as Kingsman, then Taron Egerton can turn into Robin Hood. Filming was then carried out from February to May 2017. In Dubrovnik, Croatia, and in Le Raincy, France.

In addition to relying on Taron Egerton as the main actor, this latest Robin Hood film also features several well-known names from Hollywood. Call it: Jamie Foxx as Little John, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet, Ben Mendelsohn as Sheriff of Nottingham, and Paul Anderson as Guy of Gisborne. And, as a sweetener, there is also Eve Hewson. Who became Robin’s girlfriend: Maid Marian.

As the title suggests, the 118 minute Robin Hood film tells the story of Robin’s origins. The original descendant of nobility named Robin of Loxley. Which was later dubbed The Hood. Because he likes to wear a veil to hide his identity.

The story of this Robin Hood film begins with Robin’s return to his hometown. In Nottingham. After fighting for the British Empire in the Crusades. However, upon arriving there, he discovers the fact that the region has changed with rampant crime. And there are many corrupt officials. Presided over by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Wanting to change the state of his hometown, Robin decided to take action. It is said, in order to overcome the chaos and help the small people, he then formed a group to carry out an act of rebellion against the Nottingham government.

In English legend, Robin Hood and his group, it is said, are hiding in the Sherwood Forest. There, they robbed the wealth of wealthy officials who happened to be passing by. After that, Robin and friends distributed their loot to the poor.

In the Robin Hood trailer which was released some time ago, there is a scene where Robin is killing the soldiers with his arrows. Then he spread a bag of change on the street. Which was then immediately contested by many people. In addition, there is also a scene where Robin is trained hard by his mentor: John. To become a reliable thief and archer. If judging from the plot, in fact, there is nothing really new from this Robin Hood film reboot.

By Fatrick