The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue is an animated series produced by France that aired on the television channel France 3 from 2013 to 2015. In 2014, the series with the original title Les As de la Jungle a la Rescousse won the International Emmy Award for Category Kids: Animation.

This success then made The Jungle Bunch adapted into a feature film with the same title. Which dibesut by director David Alaux. Which was released in France on July 26, 2017. Which is currently showing in Cinemaxx Theater and CGV Cinemas.

The main character in the animated film The Jungle Bunch is a penguin. The name is Maurice. The skin of the tiger pattern. Yang since childhood migrated from Antarctica to tropical forests, then raised by a female tiger.

Together with his friends, a pack of other eccentric animals (goldfish, ghost monkeys, and gorillas), Maurice, the kung fu master, is determined to maintain order and justice in the jungle. Just like his mother used to do. However, an evil koala named Igor, suddenly, appears. With his army of silly baboons, he wants to destroy the forest once and for all. Can Maurice et al overcome the threat to their habitat?

Btw, the characters carried by the big screen version of The Jungle Bunch are, in fact, the same as the serial version. However, unfortunately, the film with the original title Les As de la Jungle received a negative response from critics. However, even so, as entertainment, especially for children, this animated film is still worth watching.

During his lifetime, the late Robin Williams has starred in various film titles. One of them, the most famous, is Jumanji. The film, which was released in 1995, was quite successful at the box office.

In 2017, the story of Jumanji, which came from a children’s story book (published in 1981) by Chris Van Allsburg, was brought back to the big screen. The film has been shown in cinemas since last Wednesday (20/12).

The story in the second Jumanji film, you could say, is a continuation of the first film. Even though the characters are different. So, this Sony Pictures film is a stand-alone sequel. Not a reboot or remake.

The story of the second Jumanji film is opened by an ababil named Alex Vreeke (Mason Guccione). Yang was playing the video game Jumanji in 1996. However, suddenly, he was then sucked into the game. As experienced by the character played by Robin Williams.

Twenty years later, four high school kids are being punished for making mistakes. The four ababil were sanctioned by their principal for cleaning a room. Which, the plan, will be used as a computer laboratory. Then, while cleaning, one of them found an old-school video game console. Sort of like Nintendo.

Turns out, the video game is Jumanji. The one twenty years earlier was played by Alex Vreeke. The mysteriously missing. And, then, predictably, the four ababil were then tempted to play Jumanji. Then everything is sucked into the game. As experienced by Alex Vreek.

By Fatrick