Two years after the Battle of Sokovia, Thor this time had to face Hela, the Goddess of Death. Actually Hela is Thor’s brother, but he never knew of her whereabouts because Hela was detained and hidden by her father, Odin.

The myth tells of the destruction of the universe and mankind, as well as the deaths of several key figures in Norse mythology, such as the gods Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Freyr, Sol, and Tyr. Also the death of the monsters or jotuns, Fenrir and Jormungandr. A new generation of gods will replace the old one, as the cycle of the world begins again.

Contrary to the true meaning of “Ragnarok“, this film is wrapped in comedy. Even because of the large proportion of comedic in this film, the audience is made to forget that Asgard is at the end of its existence. From the very beginning of the film we have been given some kind of small warning that this film will not be taken too seriously when Thor confronts Surtur.

The comedy in Ragnarok keeps it from being dark. The proportion of comedy in it which is many times compared to other MCU films plus the colorful and cheerful background gives a comic impression . Entertaining, sometimes even too entertaining so that we are distracted from the core of the story.

No Hammer. No Problem
In terms of the story of this film, I think it still uses a formula similar to the previous superhero films. The point is in the process of finding the identity of a superhero. Not only unstable teenagers who need to find their identity, a figure depicted as all-powerful as Thor also needs to do it. If we go back to the first Thor movie, he did the same there.

Since this has been described in the trailer and the film’s tagline, I don’t think this is a spoiler. In Thor Ragnarok, Thor will lose his favorite weapon, Mjolnir. Thor’s hammer shattered in Hela’s hands and it left him momentarily powerless. In the end, the destruction of Mjolnir led Thor to find his true identity.

In Thor Ragnarok (2017), Chris Hemsworth played his role well. His chemistry with Mark Ruffalo managed to bring out the fun moments in this film. Plus, the hate but love relationship between Thor and Loki’s siblings has been explored quite well. Tom Hiddlestone who plays Loki is so convincing that we don’t know when he is being sincere in helping and when he is betraying Thor. Even to strengthen the comedy atmosphere in it, Director Taika Waititi took part by playing the role of Korg

The unfortunate thing is when the role of Hela played by Cate Blanchett becomes less exposed and is covered by other appearances. His presence, which should be scary, feels less intimidating. Hela feels like a character villain whose single fighter. He managed to raise the Asgardian warriors from the dead. But the Asgardian warriors he resurrected were useless and easily fell back. Not challenging. Fortunately, the void of the iconic villain is filled by Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). Although not the main villain, Jeff Goldblum managed to attract attention.

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course you will remember Dr. Strange’s post credit scene related to this film. When watching Dr Strange, my hope is Dr. Strange will have more roles in this film, but in fact I was disappointed by these expectations, the presence of Dr. Strange isn’t that important.

The relationship between Marvel films with one another is indeed an added value as well as a challenge. On the one hand it makes the audience curious about the film that will be screened next, on the other hand it becomes a challenge how they package it. Especially this time, they failed.

Regarding the relationship with other films in this film, the post credits in this film itself, it is said that it has a connection with the film Avenger: Infinity War (2018).

The usual story pattern and the absence of the iconic main villain might make this film easy to forget. However, it must be admitted that the comedy contained in it managed to entertain the audience for 130 minutes and you could say Ragnarok is the best Thor film compared to its previous films.

By Raufs