Maybe, maybe, I’m the only one who hasn’t followed Toy Story since I was a kid. Sure, when I was little, I was given to watch cartoons and children’s shows, but I don’t remember watching Toy Story before. That’s why I only know Toy Story from the characters (Woody and Buzz, particularly) and from the reference sentences (β€œTo infinity and beyond!”).

When Toy Story 4 was about to be released, I wasn’t too interested either. Even interested in watching Men In Black: International which was released almost at the same time. But apparently, the film is ordinary. I feel like I’ve been watching a lot of not-so-good movies lately (even though I’m only new to Dark Phoenix and MIB :/), so I’ll just accept the invitation to watch Toy Story from my interns. So the three of us watched.


In this film, Woody cs no longer plays with Andy, but a small child named Bonnie. When Bonnie has to attend a kindergarten orientation at her new school, she makes a new friend for Woody cs, namely Forky. Unfortunately, Forky considers himself not a toy and just trash. Woody tries to tell and teach Forky what a toy means to a child. In the midst of Woody cs and Forky’s journey while following Bonnie for a walk with her parents, Forky ran away instead. Luckily Woody managed to find Forky, but on the other hand, they had to escape the clutches of Gabby, a female doll who wanted Woody’s voice box. Can Woody and Forky save themselves?



The characters of Woody and his friends as cute and heart-touching toys are back in this film. The presence of Forky and a number of other new characters in this film reinforces the impression that Toy Story is a family film full of humor and many valuable lessons in life. It’s true, for some people, Toy Story is just a “children’s film about the life of a living toy,” but people might think twice after seeing the 4th series of this film. Because, what I get from this film is not only funny, entertaining, and strong characters, but also moral messages.

Bo Peep’s character also seems to develop a lot in this film. Maybe because when Toy Story 1 – Toy Story 3, he was just a doll whose place was on the table lamp, here he is really badass. Bo Peep can turn into a strong girl doll and has many friends thanks to her good intentions. Beautiful and brave, that’s Bo Peep in this film. Besides Bo Peep, I also like some of the new characters in this film, like Forky and Duke Caboom. They have one thing in common, which is that they don’t have self-confidence, even though they actually have the potential to become a toy that little children love. In their journey in this film, their character development really hit me. I have the same issues as them, and I need to change that, it seems.

Gabby Gabby has succeeded in being my favorite antagonist as long as I watched a lot of movies in 2019. At first, he was impressed as a doll who was jealous of Woody because Woody still had a voice box, and he didn’t. However, when there was a final showdown with Woody, I realized that Gabby actually had good intentions, namely wanting to be friends with a small child who was also the grandson of the grocery store owner where she was.

Despite his somewhat gruesome appearance (seriously, she and her friends remind me of those dolls in Goosebumps), he has a kind heart. It’s just the wrong way. Not only for the protagonists, but also for character development for Gabby. After all, it could be that bad people are actually weak and want attention, right? Gabby’s presence doesn’t make me hate her and think of her as the main antagonist in this film, but just a lonely doll who wants attention from a small child.

The funniest characters from this film for me are Ducky and Bunny, a pair of best friends who are both gift dolls at the Grand Basin carnival. Maybe because they are voiced by Jordan Peele and Michael Keegan-Key (these two got me hooked on their comedy show in Comedy Central), that’s why it’s really funny. Success as a comic relief for this film.

What made me fall in love with this film is the plot. The plot flows naturally, so it doesn’t seem rushed and the audience can get lost in each scene. The story is pretty good too. As I said earlier, the humor and messages about life in this film create a very good harmony, successfully making the audience sympathize with the characters. Oh yes, the story in this film also doesn’t make me confused as a viewer who just watched Toy Story for the first time. It’s really top.

That’s why, this film is a success so fresh air for me. Finally, I get to watch a very good movie this summer!

Overall, the film is good, very suitable for people of all ages to watch, not just small children and their parents. If you want to find a film that is meaningful and also entertaining to fill this year’s school holidays, you really have to watch this film. Guaranteed you won’t regret it.

By Kania