As an idealistic journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) cannot remain silent when he gets confidential information from his girlfriend Anne’s (Michelle Williams) computer about the dark secrets of the Life Foundation company owned by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). The confrontation he did did not go well and not only did he lose his job and reputation, but his lover was also dragged along which led to the end of their relationship. When his life goes awry, Eddie gets information from an employee of the Life Foundation (Jenny Slate) that the Life Foundation is experimenting with extraterrestrial beings called Symbiote – which fortunately is not pronounced sim-bye-oat as in the first trailer, which has so far been an experiment. It took many lives as a result of being a guinea pig.

The thing that has been of concern since Sony announced that it will make a Venom movie is that it has nothing to do with Spider-Man. This is clearly seen throughout the film, which although some still contain nods to the comic material, but strives to eliminate the Spider-Man element in it. For those of me who are quite familiar with the Spider-Man characters, of course I hope that the spider hero will appear, which unfortunately doesn’t exist at all in the universe that Sony is trying to create, “Sony Spiderman Universe Without Spider-Man”. This is quite funny considering that kryptonite is included in one of the dialogues in this film, which means there is a Superman character in real form or just a comic character (or maybe Venom is in the DCEU).

Whether or not there is a connection with Spider-Man is not a big problem if from a narrative perspective the story runs smoothly, which unfortunately, as many people have predicted, is a bad story. The first hour devoted to the origin story of the introduction of the universe and the Symbiotes themselves was very slow and really uninteresting. At first I thought that this film could really be a sequel to the film Life(2017) as it was rumored. As the uninteresting hour passed, I felt that it would be more interesting if it were to become a sequel to the film than to be trapped in the clichéd story of a maniac who actually cares about himself and takes refuge in the “interests of mankind”. Venom can be a very boring spectacle if it doesn’t include the buddy film element in it.

Buddy film is a type of film where 2 characters have different personalities and are always at odds who over time eventually understand each other. This method is indeed very suitable to be applied considering that Eddie Brock as a host and Venom as a parasite clearly have opposite personalities. After going through a long and uninteresting story development until Eddie and Venom finally got together, the storyline became much more fun and there were lots of laughs here and there. Eddie and Venom’s feud over whether to eat human heads or not, a mockery often made by Venom against Eddie, to see Tom Hardy’s behavior as Eddie which looks absurd but funny; all of which effectively invite a small laugh.

However, unfortunately, apart from Eddie/Venom, there are no other characters that are as interesting. Riz Ahmed couldn’t appear as usual because his character was trapped in the superhero movie villain cliché , but he was luckier than Michelle Williams. When I first heard that he would be joining this film, I was very enthusiastic, unfortunately the character he played was very underusedand many missed opportunities that should have made Anni’s character more than just Eddie’s ex-girlfriend. As an action film, there are not many cool action shows, even what I enjoy is the speed and the scenes in Brock’s apartment. The rest goes too fast and what’s more the final scene could be fun if only I could clearly differentiate between the 2 characters fighting.

Venom is not a good film, but for those who don’t have high expectations (or don’t have expectations), it will be a pleasure. Like other Marvel comic book-based film universes, there are 2 additional scenes that you can already predict who (or what) will come out, but the ones that played out surprised me (don’t look at the IMDB cast list before watching). The coolest surprise is of course the credit scene at the very end which makes you impatient to watch *insert the title of the film here*.

By Kania