The Planet of the Apes trilogy, which was started by Rupert Wyatt in 2011, is an anomaly in trilogy films that often don’t run smoothly, especially if it’s a remake/prequel trilogy . Although I am new ngikutin since the ‘commotion’ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (because I first watched Planet of the Apes (2001) version of Tim Burton who do not appeal to me) and it turned out really good until I was interested to follow all of the series Planet of The Apes begins with the original 1968 film.

After 2 years of war between humans and apes erupted caused by a chimpanzee named Koba -which is seen at the end of Dawn -, Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his herd are still the target of angry humans. Troops led by The Colonel (Woody Harrelson) and assisted by apes who were previously Koba sympathizers, harass the residence of Caesar’s herd, forcing them to migrate to a safer place. Caesar, who has other agendas, decides to part with his flock, accompanied by his loyal friends Maurice (Karin Konoval), Luca (Michael Adamthwaite), and Rocket (Terry Notary).

Despite taking the word “War” in the title, this film is closer to the theme of escape than war. Even so, this does not mean that this film does not present interesting action, but rather this film is so full and not just a blind war. The director, Matt Reeves – who also co-wrote the script with Mark Bomback – shows a story that is not only darker than the previous two films, but also one that is full of heart, emotion, and philosophical elements. They also began to insert comedy that was absent in the previous 2 films, through a comic relief character named Bad Ape (Steve Zahn).

War for the Planet of the Apes also marks the beginning of the bridge between this new series and the original film. If previously the connection was only shown with a glimpse of a disappearing spaceship in Rise of the Planet of the Apes – which is a shipwrecked on Planet of the Apes – this time the connection is even clearer with many homage , such as the cross- shaped “scarecrow”, the name -Familiar names like Nova (Amiah Miller) and Cornelius, as well as answers to why humans and bad luck could swap roles in the future. Not only is it a homage to the original film, this film clearly refers to the film Apocalypse Now, starting from Woody Harrelson who looks like Marlon Brando to the Ape-pocalypse writing written on the wall.

In terms of visuals, the Planet of the Apes series is one of the most superior in the use of motion capture . If last year I praised The Jungle Book’s visual effects, this time the visual effects are even cooler. The audience not only saw the form of the apes that looked so real, but also saw the movements of the facial expressions and the movements of the apes so that they could also feel the emotions and feelings that were being experienced at that time. The visual effects that are accompanied by taking the right angle of the picture by Director of Photograph Michael Seresin and the extraordinary performance of the master of motion capture , Andy Serkis, are like seeingapes who is acting and can talk. The use of Michael Giacchino’s sound is also very important. While most sound mute (it’s known, not all apes can talk), the void can be filled with nuances just right, not too pretentious but still can make the skin crawl.

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By Kania