However, on the contrary, the apes, led by Caesar, were able to survive in the forest. North of San Francisco, California. Which has become a dead city.

Just for info for those who haven’t seen the first and second films: Caesar is an intelligent male chimpanzee. Who can communicate like humans. Which, originally, was born in a laboratory. The place where his late mother became a guinea pig to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

In the second film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it is narrated that the relationship between the ape colony and the remaining humankind becomes heated. The cause is an evil monkey. The name is Koba (Toby Kebbell). Who wants to enslave humans.

Long story short, finally, Caesar managed to finish off Koba. Through a terrible fight. He then freed the humans who were Koba’s captives. Although he was an ape, basically, Caesar really loved mankind. Because, since he was a baby, he was cared for and raised with love by a human. Namely, the late Dr. Will Rodman (James Franco).

However, Caesar’s dream to see the apes and humans live in peace, it seems, is about to come to an end. In this third film, he has to face a tough opponent. Nicknamed The Colonel (Woody Harrelson). Who leads the Alpha-Omega paramilitary force. Which is known to be very cruel and cruel. Who wants to wipe out the apes in order to preserve the human species. Can Caesar and his followers survive the genocide committed by The Colonel’s troops? Who will survive and become the ruler of Planet Earth in the end? Human or ape?

Embellished by wars, explosions, and gun battles in the wilderness, War for the Planet of the Apes focuses its story on Caesar’s mental state. The audience will be treated to their inner struggles. When it comes to fighting against humanity. The people he once loved.

Btw, the third film is directed by Matt Reeves. The former also gushed the second film. Apparently, Reeves wanted to send a moral message: That war is not an instant process. There is cause and effect. There is always a motive. Which, usually, is followed by a dark revenge.

However, despite echoing the word ‘war’ in its title, this 142 minute film is, in fact, not as scary as imagined. In fact, the smell of love is so thick. In fact, it was able to break the grudge that adorned the two previous films.

One of the things that will refresh War for the Planet of the Apes is the appearance of a new character named Bad Ape (Steve Zahn). Which, it is said, lived in a zoo before the Simian Flu outbreak broke out. With his funny behavior, as seen in the trailer, the old chimpanzee will melt the tension that adorns this film. His ridiculous figure, it seems, will become the audience’s new favorite.

Besides Bad Ape, there is also a new character named Nova (Amiah Miller). An orphaned and speechless little girl. His mysterious character, it seems, will be the link between this reboot film trilogy and the original Planet of the Apes film series.

By Fatrick