Not only in Korea, dramas and movies Korea now increasingly enjoyed by many people around the world. This popularity makes Netflix present a series of exciting shows from the ginseng country every month. Even in 2021, Netflix consistently broadcasts original Korean series produced every month with a myriad of interesting stories. The month of December 2021 is no exception.

After Hellbound, what other Korean shows will Netflix be showing in December? Take a peek at the list, come on!


Train to Busan: You can watch Train to Busan again on Netflix starting December 1. The film, starring popular names such as Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok and Jung Yu Mi, will show the story of the struggle of the train passengers heading to Busan against the zombie outbreak.

The journey of Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) and Soo An turned terrible until he finally had to sacrifice his life to save the princess.

Filmovizija Cijeli Spider-Man: Put bez povratka

Spider-Man: Put bez povratka cijeli film

Online Spider-Man: Put bez povratka

Filmovizija Cijeli Dinastija Gucci

Extreme Job : Genre action-comedy , Extreme Job will tell you the action of five detectives trying to save their careers by running a secret mission. They must carry out covert surveillance with an international drug gang, whose place is close at a chicken restaurant.

In order to bring down the organization, they decide to go undercover by working as employees at the chicken restaurant. Success came to them, when the five detectives made a new innovation on the menu by making rib marinade.

The popularity of the chicken restaurant finally put the five detectives in an unexpected situation that they had never experienced before. Extreme Job premieres December 1, 2021 on Netflix

Just Between Lovers : For those of you who miss Junho 2PM’s acting on Just Between Lovers, you can watch this drama again on Netflix in December. This drama is about Lee Gang Do (Junho 2PM) who dreams of becoming a famous soccer player. But suddenly he was involved in an accident, which made him spend 3 years for treatment.

Until finally he met Ha Moon So (Won Jin Ah), who also had an accident in the past that caused his sister’s life to be saved. Since then, he continues to feel guilty. When meeting with Gang Do, Moon So tries to express her feelings that have been hidden for a long time. Just Between Lovers premieres December 2, 2021 on Netflix.

Pjevajte s nama 2 – sink cijeli film

Filmovizija Cijeli Ništa od Božića ove godine

[Gledaj] Ništa od Božića ove godine

Filmovizija Cijeli Matrix 4 Uskrsnuća

[FILMOVI] Južni vjetar 2 – Ubrzanje

Our Beloved Summer : Our Beloved Summer is a romance genre drama that brings together Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi. This drama will tell about the complicated feelings of a couple who wants to break their relationship.

But slowly the couple began to doubt their decision, when the documentary they had recorded in high school went viral again, making them appear together again in front of the camera after a long time.

You can watch Our Beloved Summer on Netflix starting December 6, 2021.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls : The fantasy genre, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls will feature the life story of Dan Wal (Lee Jin Wook), a mythical creature called Bulgasal who likes to eat human blood and has lived for more than 600 years because he is cursed with immortality.

Meanwhile, Min Sang Woon (Kwon Na Ra) is a woman who was once a native but has now been reincarnated as a human. Sang Won used to live in solitude because her mother and twin sister were killed by an unknown person.

Apart from Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Na Ra, this drama also stars Lee Joon and Gong Seung Yoon. You can watch Bulgasal: Immortals Souls on Netflix starting December 18th.

By Rama