Have you ever wondered about a Korean Drama character whose characters are not clearly described? It’s not without reason that the description is made like that, because they are present at the beginning of the episode as mysterious figures.

The background of their mysterious presence will make the audience wonder. Curious who they are? Come on, see the review here. Here we go !

1. Lim Soo Ho – Snowdrop (2021-2022)

If you are a fan of the drama Snowdrop , you must be familiar with the character Lim Soo Ho, played by Jung Hae In. Lim Soo Ho is a graduate student of a top university. He comes from Germany with a myriad of deep secrets.

Just then, Lim Soo Ho came to the Hosu University girls’ dormitory covered in blood. He is being chased by South Korean agents and decides to hide in the hostel.

2. Kim Ma Nok – Grid (2022)

Next up is Kim Ma Nok, played by Kim Sung Kyun in the drama Grid . At the beginning of the episode, Kim Ma Nok is seen coming out of the room and serving a customer at the checkout counter. His mysterious action begins to reveal that he committed the murder of a mini market employee.

His actions led to him being chased by the local police. He was almost caught but managed to escape. Surprisingly, when he was running away, he was helped by a mysterious ghost figure. From here we are made to wonder, what is Kim Ma Nok’s relationship with the ghost?

3. K – Bad and Crazy (2021-2022)

Third, there is K, played by Wi Ha Joon in the drama Bad and Crazy . At first we will make the assumption that he is a different person. This is because K is always present when Ryu Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) does bad actions.

The figure of K is always present in inexplicable circumstances, the actions he performs are also extreme. It turns out that the presence of K as an alter ego, where he is the other side of Ryu Soo Yeol.

4. Gu – My Liberation Notes (2022)

The fourth character comes from the drama My Liberation Notes , namely Gu, played by Son Suk Ku. From the beginning his character was described as a mysterious person who came to the village. Gu works and rents a house owned by Yeom Mi Jeong’s (Kim Ji Won) family.

Gu is a quiet person and only talks as needed. If you pay attention to his behavior, it is strange but does not harm other people. He’s an alcoholic who can suddenly get hurt for no reason.

5. Min Seon A – Our Blues (2022)

Finally, there is Min Seon A (Shin Min Ah) from the drama Our Blues . Min Seon A has been married for 7 years and now has a son. During this time Min Seon A suffered from acute depression which made her life abnormal.

Min Seon A’s condition made his household shattered and now he is divorced. Later, Min Seon A came to Jeju Island and settled there. No one knows the background or even what the real causes of depression are.

In the early episodes, maybe you still don’t understand where the storyline of the character will take you. But as the episodes add up it will surely be fully revealed. Who is your version of the mysterious character?

By Jaya