Agatha Christie died 46 years ago. Remember some good little brain teaser crime – we’ll help you with that too.


The billionaire criminal is found dead in his rural villa on his 85th birthday. The day after the party, the famous private detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), hired by a mysterious person to detect the mysterious crime, arrives at the scene of the crime. As the detective begins to wrap up the case, he reveals more and more peculiar secrets. And while the family members and staff attending the ceremony also have an irrefutable alibi, everyone had a strong motivation to commit the horrific act. Every member of a family isolated in rural solitude is increasingly desperately proving its own truth, but with a surprising trick, Benoit Blanc ultimately deceives the killer.

Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) are getting ready for their fifth wedding anniversary. On the morning of the holiday, however, Amy disappears without a trace. Nick turns to the police, who immediately begin an investigation into the matter. However, there are more and more clues that the life of the seemingly happy couple hides many dark secrets. As the investigation progresses, almost everyone suspects that Nick isn’t as innocent as he pretends to be. He is caught lying in a number of lies and behaving rather strangely compared to the situation – making him even more attracted to the police and media.

Strictly confidential
The two detectives, careerist Ed Exley (Guy Pearce) and Bud White (Russell Crowe) holding his fist, can’t stand each other. One day, however, they are forced to join forces if they want to stay alive. For in the city of angels someone is trying to take control of the underworld. Exley realizes in a case that some police officers are also in the showdown. Suspended Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) is helping the strange couple risk their own lives as well.

Inner fear
The deadly hallmark of films set in a courtroom medium is the masterfully dispensed tension and unbreakable logic. There is no shortage of these ingredients in this story either. Martin is a successful, arrogant and handsome lawyer who will take on the case at any time if it can generate a loud enough media response. That’s why he takes on the role of representing a wild street child who is suspected of killing one of Chicago’s most influential people. He is not driven by humanitarian considerations, nor is he seeking the truth: he wants to present his own version of the truth. He also wants revenge on his ex-boss, and the prosecution is not emotionally indifferent to him either (Janet and Martin used to be passionate lovers). However, the tense attention that is fragmented in many ways deceives Martin’s senses and fails to notice the trap set for him.

The fugitive
The life of the reputable Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) changes radically when he finds his wife dead. Kimble comes up in vain with seemingly conclusive evidence, is prosecuted and sentenced to death as the number one suspect in the murder. However, Richard manages to escape. A deadly escape begins, in which the determined doctor competes not only with the crouching police officers and FBI special agent Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), but also with the truth. And as the end draws to a close, the truth becomes more and more incredible and even terrifying.

The state of affairs
Many in Stephen Collins see the future U.S. president. However, the politician’s beautiful career is overshadowed by the death of his assistant (who is also his lover), as the woman will be a victim of murder. Meanwhile, Cal McAffrey, a Washington Globe-rubbed reporter, is investigating a murder case. The newspaper’s green-eared blogger, Della Frye, is the first to notice the link between the two seemingly independent cases. As they try to track it down together, Cal finds himself in an increasingly difficult position as he is an old friend of Collins. However, the matter could fundamentally shake the country.

The culprit
On a serene, warm day, a respectable family man frantically delays a man on the lakeside beach, though he himself doesn’t understand why, and he didn’t even know the man. A little boy poisons his parents and sits in a chair watching them writh in agony and then die.

“ The culprit is not for everyone, that is for sure.
On the other hand, those who like slow-moving crime characters with great characters, and don’t find the controversial, seemingly unfinished but actually embarrassingly complex protagonist, and the endlessly depressing story in some places, will love them, ”we wrote for the first two years of the series. in his critique .

The chestnut man
A chestnut figure is found at the scene of a horrific murder. According to the bizarre clue, two detectives come after the murderer, who may also have something to do with the missing child of a politician. In our critique , we wrote of the Danish series: “… the beginning is about the little clues, about the old case being related to the new, and the new one about the newer ones, because the killer obviously doesn’t stop, and it’s really brilliant in it. the series as it introduces them, as new information drips, and as it intensifies tension while getting the popular elements of Scandinavian thrillers. That is, a sin rooted in the past, accountability, the responsibility of the powerful and the rich, and of course the weathered detective — in this case, a detective couple. ”

By Rama