NCT’s Yuta’s Attitude Towards Sasaeng’s Stalking Is Simple But Nice

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Recently, An Old Video Of NCT’s Yuta Giving A Striking Response To Sasaeng Fans Who Followed Him After Getting Off The Taxi Made Netizens Amazed Because Of His Firm Attitude.

Recently, a hot online discussion conducted by NCT ‘s Yuta against sasaengs has resurfaced among netizens. This K-pop star received mixed reactions after he showed a “refreshing” response to fans who are obsessed with being excessively obsessed or commonly known as sasaengs.

In the near future, an online article entitled “Yuta curses the finger on stalkers,” was posted and immediately got a huge response from K-pop fans. In this article, a video apparently taken by a fan in front of the NCT accommodation shows Yuta getting off the taxi first in front of the group accommodation. “Get lost,” Yuta said as he recognized several sasaengs waiting for him. The sasaeng then laughed and tried to talk to Yuta by saying, “Sorry. Have a nice day.” However, the male idol surprised the audience when he raised his middle finger as he entered the dormitory.

The video, which is believed to have been uploaded in 2020, resurfaced and sparked discussion from netizens. Apparently, the sasaeng uploaded the video footage to express anger at the idol and hope that fans will side with them.

However, in fact the sasaeng’s wishes were contrary to what was expected, NCTzens (NCT fandom) actually agreed that Yuta would make the right response to the sasaeng.

“Those kids won’t stop even if you throw them a bucket of curses,” commented a netizen.
Netizens praised Yuta for responding firmly to them when many idols ignored the sasaeng group. In particular, sasaengs are the kind of troubled fans who will not only wait for idols outside the dorm but also call with their private numbers.

Went to the same hotel accommodations during tours, booked the same flights with them and some even broke into their dorm rooms. Not only Yuta, but all NCT members have at least once in their life been stalked by a sasaeng.

Meanwhile, Yuta’s firm attitude made netizens salute and condemn the attention-seeking sasaeng. This attitude is certainly one way to make sure that the sasaengs out there don’t have a chance to disturb them.

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