Who doesn’t know social media ? In any part of the world, it is rare for people who are not familiar with the popularity of social media . The development of technology ranging from transportation, learning, shopping, to other needs can be done online .

With the rapid development of technology , there are many positive and negative sides that arise. The positive or negative impact of technology is influenced by social media users themselves.

For children, the role of parents is very important in monitoring and limiting their children in playing social media. The goal is to avoid things that are not desirable.

Apart from causing many negative things, this time mimin will discuss the positive side of technological developments. Check out some of the benefits of technological developments in life.

1. Easy to receive information

The first positive side of technological development is that it is easy to receive information, both locally and internationally. Unlike in the past, in this modern era, we don’t have to bother buying newspapers.

To read the news or get the latest information, simply open Google and ask for the latest news on that day.

Google will automatically display some of the latest information and news, you just need to click on one of the titles and read the writing in it. That way you can choose which one to read or not.

2. Easy to communicate

With a messaging application that can send messages both voice messages or writing and telephone, it is easier to communicate. Unlike the old days, communication had to be by letter and had to be sent to the post office.

The letter also cannot directly reach the recipient of the letter.

In this modern era, if you want to send messages or information to other people, simply open the messaging application. By using a messaging application, messages that you send are immediately received when you finish sending them. It doesn’t cost much and takes a long time. Makes life easier, right?

3. Shopping becomes practical

If in the past you had to go to the market or other shopping places and it took a long time. Unlike the case now, you can simply order using an online shopping application . Then pay for it and wait for the order to arrive at home without the hassle of leaving the house.

The time it takes to send orders is still quite short and not too long. You can also shop freely at any time without worrying that the shop is not open or has closed. In addition, there is no need to spend or cut a lot of time, so it is very flexible and makes life a lot easier.

4. Learning becomes easier

If in the past you had to buy books that were very thick and cost a lot of money. In this advanced era, you don’t need to buy a thick book, just looking at it makes you dizzy. Simply by going to the e-book page , you can find the book you want to read.

Indeed, there are not a few paid e-books , but there are also many e-books that you can get for free. Besides being able to read books easily, the rapid development of technology also facilitates the teaching and learning process. Especially during a pandemic like this. The benefits of this technological development are indispensable for students and teachers who teach.

Thus the discussion about the benefits of technological developments. Everything, both positive and negative, is created by us. We as intelligent humans must take advantage of this technological sophistication with good things. Be wise in using social media and others, stay away from things that can damage future generations.



By Arkha