Plot twists or commonly known as twisting and unexpected storylines do have their own fans among film lovers. Guessing the unpredictable storyline makes watching it even more exciting, especially if it doesn’t turn out as expected, it makes you nervous!!

For those of you who are excited about guessing, let’s take a look at the 8 films that end with a plot twist below.


1. Bird Box (2018)
Bird Box, one of the films with a post-apocalyptic theme , has its own charm. Played by Sandra Bullock, she must rely on her abilities to protect her child from a world that has entered the pre-apocalyptic era.

An unknown entity appears and makes people who stare at it want to kill themselves. One of the most effective defenses against these entities is to cover the eyes with a cloth to avoid eye contact. In addition, he brought a small child in his struggle. The twisty plot will leave you in awe at the end of the film!


2. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)
The film features a young couple on a date and enjoying their courtship. Finally the young man named Jake took his girlfriend to his parents’ house in the village. There were many oddities found, ranging from Jake’s strange parents, an unusual pet dog, and also Jake’s childhood photo which contained a photo of his girlfriend.

This film will 100 percent confuse you if you don’t watch it carefully. The twist will be the main dish of this film and you must watch it.


3. Fractured (2019)
This film is about Ray Monroe who is traveling with his wife and child. On the way, Ray’s daughter, Fairy, was chased by a dog until she fell and was injured. They went to the hospital, and Peri was accompanied by her mother for immediate surgery.

An oddity in this film occurs when Ray asks the condition of his daughter who suddenly disappears from the patient list. This film is sure to make you tense and wonder.


4. Cam (2018)
Danger in the internet world has become a topic that is constantly raised in films, one of which is Cam . Alice decides to live stream the fake suicide attempt to attract more viewers.

Alice gains more popularity thanks to the live broadcast of her suicide attempt, but unfortunately, that popularity brings Alice an unexpected danger.

5. Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)
The Velvet Buzzsaw film has a unique storyline and of course a plot twist . Telling a work of art that lives and chases humans, this film presents its own horror. An unexpected plot occurs when humans are helped by one of the good works of art to eradicate the evil artwork. Don’t miss it!

By Rama