Manchester United’s poor result against Wolverhampton was not the only chaos at the club. Behind the defeat, United have a chronic problem in the dressing room!

United lost 1-0 to Wolves in the 21st week duel of the Premier League 2021/2022. Bad results in the match at Old Trafford made it increasingly difficult for United to catch up to the top four standings.

On the other hand, it was United’s first defeat in the era of new manager Ralf Rangnick. Although they have only lost one of the six matches played, in general United’s game under Rangnick has not been consistent enough.

So what happened in the United dressing room? Listen below, Bolaneters .

Changing Room Broken
Quoted from The Mirror , Rangnick’s arrival does not necessarily become a solution to problems at United. In the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer era, United’s dressing room was not conducive and that situation is still happening.

Rangnick has not been able to find a solution to the damaged atmosphere in the United dressing room. Rangnick has not been able to bring back the joy of players who were marginalized in the Solskjaer era and create an awkward atmosphere in the dressing room.

Solskjaer has been accused of having a list of ‘favourites’ and sticking with them, despite United’s subpar performances. Now, Rangnick is facing the same problem with the same group of players.

Bad effects for Rangnick
Without further ado and adjustment, Ralf Rangnick immediately indoctrinated United players with the idea of ​​football that he believed in. Apparently, this situation left United’s players with no positive impression.

The training session with Rangnick was considered not so impressive. Meanwhile, the tactics and way of playing that Rangnick wants are not well understood by the players. Not a good impression for Rangnick.

“Many players were disappointed with Rangnick’s training and were not impressed with his tactics. His position was further weakened by his appointment only until the end of the season,” wrote The Mirror .

Rangnick’s ‘Iron Hand’
Rangnick is like working with an ‘iron fist’ at United. This case happened to Dean Henderson. Coating David de Gea was intending to move to get minutes to play, but Rangnick did not give permission.

Then, there is the case of Donny van de Beek and Jesse Lingard. This is the case that Solskjaer left behind. Rangnick has not yet provided an ideal playing opportunity for them.

Disappointment also came from Eric Bailly. He was briefly banned from flying to Cameroon to defend Ivory Coast in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Bailly also feels he deserves a chance because United’s defensive performance has been relatively poor without him.

11 Players Request a Move!
All the chaos that occurred at Old Trafford in the end made the United players not feel at home. The Mirror said that there were 11 players who felt uncomfortable. As a result, they intend to leave the club.

“A source close to the squad claims as many as 11 players now want to leave the club after being disappointed with life at United,” wrote The Mirror.

Meanwhile, the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo who continues to walk down the aisle when performing poorly and Harry Maguire’s leadership as captain continues to be questioned. Both can not be a solution for United.

By Raufs