After approximately 6 months of not releasing new works, SEVENTEEN brings fresh air to fans and music lovers. On April 1, 2022, PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed that the boy group would be releasing their first English song.

This news was warmly welcomed by fans. The release of the song “Darl+ing” is also highly anticipated by CARATs and SEVENTEEN music lovers.

Various leaks have also been disclosed to the public. In fact, SEVENTEEN made CARATs even more curious with a snippet of the song “Darl+ing” sung by Woozi in a voice message upload on Tuesday (2022). Here are ten facts about the song “Darl+ing” whose release is only days away.

1. “Darl+ing” is the first full English song sung by all SEVENTEEN members

2. This song will open SEVENTEEN comeback in May 2022

3. The word “darling” in the title means a darling call. While the + sign means two people who become one wrapped in the word “we”

4. Reported by News1, the lyrics of “Darl+ing” itself have the meaning of “we” who become perfect just because “we” are together

5. Welcoming the release of the song, SEVENTEEN has leaked concept photos to voice messages instead of teasers to CARAT

6. The first concept photo is wrapped in a cheerful tone with a prominent yellow color

7. While the second concept photo features warm pastel colors typical of spring

8. SEVENTEEN new single will be digitally released on Korean and international music platforms on April 15, 2022

9. “Darl+ing” is a pre-release song that will also be included in SEVENTEEN fourth full album which will be released next month

Starting from rumors that spread on social media, “Darl+ing” will finally be released to the public soon. Just counting the days, are you really looking forward to the release of the song?







By Jaya