Veronica Ngo (nickname of Ngo Thanh Van) was introduced as a supporting character in the movie “The Princess”.

On the evening of June 2 (Vietnam time), the producer 20th Century Studios revealed the official trailer for the new action movie titled “The Princess” directed by Le Van Kiet.

“The Princess” is a story about a beautiful and strong princess, because she did not accept a violent man as her husband, but was forced to lock her in an abandoned tower.

Young actress Joey King as the princess risked her life to knock down each soldier to escape and protect her own kingdom. The main character also created a highlight with a meaningful sentence at the beginning of the film “I am not an object to be exchanged”.

Appearing at 47 seconds, Veronica Ngo appeared as a companion, freeing the princess. Although only appearing in 2 short segments in the trailer, Ngo Thanh Van has shown his forte – martial arts, with strong moves and professional demeanor.

Vietnamese “beating woman” excitedly shared on her personal page a trailer from 20th Century Studios. It is known that after the stressful situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the actress was able to fly abroad to film.

“The Princess” is directed and produced by director Le Van Kiet – the owner of “Hai Phuong”. This is one of a series of online movie projects that are broadcast on Disney+.

According to Collider, the film has a different color from Disney’s usual princess works, which is likened to “a combination of John Wick and Sleeping Beauty”. Because of that, “The Princess” will be shown on hulu (Disney’s television platform) from July 1, instead of theatrical release.

The film also features Dominic Cooper, famous for his role in “Vampire Hunter”, “Captain America: The First Avenger”… and Olga Kurylenko in “Black Widow”, “Spy”. tablet 007″…


By Jaya