Sohyang is a soloist from South Korea. He has started his singing career since 1996 with the debut song “Mr”.

Having good voice control skills, she was nicknamed Mariah Carey Korea by the media in South Korea. During his career, the singer whose real name, Kim So Hyang has released many title songs.

Not only that, he is also often trusted to sing Korean drama soundtracks or OSTs, you know. Here are nine OSTs of them.

1. Sohyang first filled in the OST for the drama Dream High (2011) entitled “Someone’s Dream”. He also collaborated with San E

2. A year later, Sohyang was trusted to fill the OST of The King’s Doctor (2012) entitled “Only One Thing”

3. In the drama Iris II: New Generation (2013), Sohyang sang the OST entitled “Don’t Forget Me”

4. The song “Home” is sung by Sohyang as the OST for the drama Strongest Deliveryman (2017)

4. Starring Jang Na Ra and Jang Ki Young, Sohyang filled in the OST Go Back Couple (2017) entitled “Wind Song”

6. Sohyang was also lined up to fill in the OST for the phenomenal drama Time (2018) entitled “Close My Eyes”

7. Sohyang’s melodious voice plays beautifully in the song “I Love You” which became the soundtrack for the drama My Only One (2018)

8. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun, the OST of The Hymn of Death (2018), “Only My Heart Knows” was also sung by Sohyang, you know

9. The soundtrack of A Pledge to God (2018) entitled “Last Promise” is also one of the songs sung by Sohyang

For the first time filling in a drama OST in 2011, even so Sohyang still exists to fill in the soundtrack afterwards. Are there any more of your favourites?

By Jaya