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It’s rare that an actor career isn’t limited to a handful of his movies, even one known for duty directed all the way to Nicholas Cage . By the end of 2022, the American will have appeared in more than 100 (more or less, depending on whether or not some cameos and voiceovers are counted). But his name instantly evokes a few titles: his previously unreleased appearances in baby arizona Yeah Stained Glass, his Best Actor Oscar-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas , the trilogy of ’90s activity movies that made him a major destination ( The Rock, With Air, Face to face ) his double role in Adaptation… Maybe we should expand the “not the bees!” moment. since El hombre de wicker , a production whose derivatives remain popular thanks in large part to YouTube and the civilization of memes. These two factors have combined to stock Nicolas Cage in our closest imaginary, but at the same time reduce the representation of him in certain moments taken out of context.

Then there are other less famous but equally significant milestones, from her start as the lead in the wonderful teen comedy. the girl from the valley leafing through her work with david lynch internally Wild heart and with Martin Scorsese internally The limit until recently Mandy a story of terror and revenge, and Pork where we find her in a sensitive and consecrating performance.

If we dig deeper (and Nicholas Cage has to dig deeper than most actors), we’ll find some other notable work. Many of his movies, especially those released in the last decade (one released direct-to-video-on-demand and one on location on Redbox), haven’t had much of a following, but there’s plenty to see. Even in recent years.

To write my new issue, Age of Cage: Four Decades of Hollywood Through a Singular Career I watched all of Nicholas Cage’s performances. Since appearing in The Best of Times , a bizarre television pilot about teenage life in the 1980s starring Crispin Glover, a low-budget sci-fi jiu jitsu martial arts movie shot in Cyprus, and the that Cage dresses in a suit identical to the one worn by Dennis Hopper in Reveal Now . Below are a handful of quality Nicholas Cage movies.that you may have missed. Some flew under the radar, some were hits that fell off the cultural radar for one reason or another, and some don’t quite fit the definition of what we want to think about when we think of Nicolas Cage. But maybe we should.

little bird (1984)
In a movie starring Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage , with one playing an eccentric guy obsessed with birds and the other a regular kid from suburban Philadelphia, who would you say plays who? Springs later, Cage would be the obvious dilemma for the weirder character, but early in his career he hadn’t yet earned that weird reputation. This allowed him to offer one of the best and most natural interpretations of him. in this Alan Parker movie in which he plays a tough but sensitive little guy from the early 60s, broken by his experiences in Vietnam, who desperately tries to rescue a friend from a mental hospital.

slaver kisses (1989)
Cage refers to this horror comedy as his “laboratory” , a job that allowed him to suffer through all the acting ideas he wanted to try and imagine his union future. The actor plays a yuppie in the fast-paced New York publishing world of the 1980s who thinks he’s becoming a slaver. But is it all in your beginning? Drawing heavily on German expressionist horror movies like Nosferato , Nicolas Cage never fails to explore any of his wild instincts (including one painting in which he eats an insect). He’s a fan protégé when it comes to prostitution of his most unbalanced moments, and equally functions as a critique of toxic masculinity before the term was coined.

western red rock (1993)
Nicolas Cage plays a good little boy in a hostile world in this neo-noir Directed by John Dahl that almost fell at the box office for being too conventional for auteur cinema and too artistic for multiplexes. It eventually worked in the first category, but has now become something of an enigma by the departure of it on Broadcast platforms . No kidnapping, it’s worth looking for. His subtle performance distinguishes him among the most powerful and extravagant. Dennis Hopper and JT Walsh and Dahl’s direction is a reminder of how small-scale French suspense is in good hands.

It Could Happen To You (1994)
Beyond From Red Rock Western , Cage spent much of the early ’90s playing ordinary good men caught up in extraordinary situations. In this sweet romantic comedy directed by Andrew Bergman, he looks a lot like Jimmy Stewart. Giving life to a policeman without a fly who promises a waitress ( Brigitte Fonda ) half of her prize if I want the raffle. When this happens, romance, unexpected success, and trouble arise.

Windspeaker (2002)
Nicholas Cage was twisted and quarreling, then determined and tortured, in his double performance for Face to Face , his first collaboration with Hong Kong activity expert John Woo. Those expecting nothing similar for their second scheme together must have panicked… Cage here plays a WWII sailor who is responsible for protecting (or failing that, killing) Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) ., a Navajo soldier whose language serves as an unbreakable code. Instead of figuring things out, the movie sets out to capture the bloody abyss of the feud through the colossal violence and weariness on Cage’s face. It is a rigorous production and much less fun than the preparatory one, but, like Saving Private Ryan Yes The Skinny Red Line, it is correct to describe the horrors and moral crossroads of the lawsuit, even if it is for a fighting cause.

the imposters (2004)
Cage plays a con man struggling with a combination of OCD and Tourette syndrome. In this twist-satisfied Ridley Scott movie , the actor deftly dramatizes his character’s out-of-control tics and instincts, but it’s the humanity behind it that makes the portrayal of him so effective.

the weatherman (2005)
Loving Impostors , this Gore Verbinski -directed black comedy struggled at the box office, proving that Nicholas Cage was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with his springtime expectations as a destination activity. Here, he plays a Chicago meteorologist who struggles to make ends meet and becomes a particular destiny as his ambitions and his composure fade. This play captures the melancholy that underlies many of his roles.

corrupt lieutenant (2009)
preceded by a crazy times trailer is Werner Herzog’s superior from the 1992 movie of the same name managed to trick viewers into waiting another two hours of Nicolas Cage paranoia. There’s a lot of that, but in the service of a cautionary tale in which the corrupt cop the American plays makes a wide and difficult upgrade bound for redemption.

Jo (2013)
A little bird sin Yes Pig , Nicolas Cage demonstrates here that an actor can excel with contained roles. In this David Gordon Green movie, he plays a brooding Texan trying to put his abusive days behind him, which becomes especially difficult when he takes in a young boy (Tye Sheridan) threatened by an overbearing father (Gary Poulter).

Mom and Dad (2017)
brian taylor the middle of the creative tandem behind the movies Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance , with Nicolas Cage, writes and directs this savage horror-comedy where parents feel an irrepressible compulsion to kill their children. The show doesn’t deny violence or chaos, but the performances of Cage and her co-star Selma Blair keep it rooted in the difficult and ambiguous emotions that come with midlife crisis and parenthood. There is a back-bound flip in the middle of the movie where Cage’s character reminisces about his days as a brave fish surrounded by beautiful women and expensive cars, and can be considered one of the most triumphant moments of his career.

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