Jason Bourne is one of the most recognizable spy figures in Hollywood. The Bourne Identity, which was released in 2002, received good acclaim, both from critics and from film connoisseurs. Stories about the amnesiac spy searching for her identity is wrapped with pace flim quickly become unique on this film, and no wonder akhrinya made sequel The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007). Unfortunately the fourth sequel (and still the only Bourne film without Bourne), The Bourne Legacy (2012), was not very well received. For this fifth Bourne installation , the amnesiac spy is back.

The plot of the Jason Bourne film does not have anything unique like the first 3 films of the Bourne film. After at the end of the film The Bourne Ultimatum the spy finds out who he really is, in this film it turns out that there is still a mystery about Bourne that is hidden which forces Bourne to come out of his ‘retirement’ period. 9 years after he last appeared, this time Borne faces a new challenge in the post-Snowden digital information era.

The story that is lifted by the Jason Bourne film this time can be said to be quite weak and tends to be forced. The disclosure of Bourne’s past figure, which turns out to be related to his beginning as an amnesiac spy, is very forced and ‘injures’ the slick ending of The Bourne Ultimatum. Stories that focus on digital information and technological advances make Jason Borne’s story the weakest and strangest among other Bourne films (at least the Bourne film with its Bourne). The logic starts, well, silly . Jason Bourne is just another typical spy film that breaks the boundaries of logic and imagination, like James Bond or Mission: Impossible.

Jason Bourne’s character is also almost the same as other Bourne films, there are still Jason Bourne (Matt Damon; “Good Will Hunting”, “The Martian”) and Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles; “10 Things I Hate about You”) as 2 characters who back from the previous film. Tommy Lee Jones (Men In Black, No Country for Old Man) becomes a character named Dewey, whose character traits are the same as several characters in the previous 4 Bourne films. Fortunately, the refreshing characters still exist in the figure of Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander; “Ex Machina”, “The Danish Girl”) and Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed). These 2 characters are the only plus in taking a spy theme like this.

Fortunately, the director of Jason Bourne – who also directed The Bourne Supremacy and The Boune Ultimatum –, Paul Grengrass, still uses the formula that characterizes Bourne films: the fast pace of the film is accompanied by riveting car chases. The tension created made me not willing to take my eyes off the cinema screen and resisted my urge to pee hahaha -_-. This tension is also inseparable from the music, which is almost the entire length of the film that accompanies every scene. Seriously , it seems that throughout the film there is a bit of a pause for the music to stop, and I think that if there was no accompanying music, the scene would be dry.

Besides that, unfortunately the cool camera movement which is also the hallmark of director Paul Grengrass is in some parts that I feel too shaky , especially the final fight . This shaky and too long camera movement makes me dizzy and I don’t understand which character does what to which character.

Overall , maybe Bourne fans will be disappointed because Jason Bourne adapts a mainstream spy story , but ordinary viewers who like spy movies like James Bond or Mission Impossible will enjoy it. For Bourne fans who don’t mind the storyline, Jason Bourne will feel the excitement with his fast pace with cool backsound . Like other Hollywood films, the ending of this film is still open for the next sequel .


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