Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) and The Rider (2017), Nomadland tells the story of a woman named Fern ( Frances McDormand).) who after losing his job and the death of his husband decided to sell all his possessions, buy a van, and live and live in that car while traveling and looking for temporary work to various parts of the country. Fern is neither the first nor the only person to do this. On her journey, Fern meets various foreign faces and names who like herself also decide to give up their “normal life” and choose to “live on the streets.” The life choices he made were not without consequences. In her solitude, a sense of loneliness often began to creep into Fern’s mind, which made her miss her late husband’s presence or question the life choices she had made.

There is nothing complicated or complex in the fabric of the story told by Nomadland . Like Songs My Brothers Taught Me and The Rider , Nomadland presents a personal story exploration of a phase or stage in the life of the main character. Adapted from the book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century written by Jessica Brother , Nomadlandbrings the audience to the figure of Fern who will later introduce a number of other characters he meets along his journey. Some of these characters only appear as mere glimpses into the life of Fern’s character. Several other characters appear to give a deep impression on Fern’s character, becoming characters that he can call friends, even giving some influence on the journey he is going through. The knitted story given by Zhao is able to make every moment that Fern’s character goes through can also be felt emotionally by every eye who watches Nomadland .

With a story that runs for 108 minutes, every location the main character stops at , every job he then does, and every face and name he encounters can give the impression that Nomadland isworked out like a collection of sketches of the story of a character. It was Zhao’s intelligence of direction that then succeeded in combining these stories into a picture of rebellion or the embodiment of a sense of disappointment felt by the main character towards his life – or against a corporate culture that often exploits its workers without considering or treating them like a person. humans, a theme that has been mentioned several times in the storyline of this film. Zhao’s technical choices to compose his story are also able to make Nomadland feel so poetic in speaking. The series of music composed by Ludovico Einaudi managed to encourage a number of emotional moments that were so crucial. Filmed cinematographyJoshua James Richards managed to capture the beautiful and majestic impression of the various natural locations visited by Fern’s character.

By placing McDormand to play the main character in a film that has a complete narrative focus on the character, Nomadland has its own special points in story quality. A character actor with a very, very convincing performance, McDormand not only gives soul to the character he plays but also allows every audience to feel the various emotional turmoil felt by his character – even without having to go through a long series of dialogues. A number of quiet and lonely moments that must be passed and felt by Fern’s character appear with a deeper touch thanks to McDormand’s skill in bringing his character to life.

Besides David Strathairn and producer Peter Spears – who had appeared in one scene in the film Call Me by Your Name (Luca Guadagnino, 2017) which he also co-produced, the department’s acting Nomadland filled by Zhao with the cast who in their daily lives are wanderers streets and previously had no experience in acting. Even so, the direction given by Zhao managed to bring out the best acting skills from the entire cast of the film. The most impressive performances clearly came from Linda May and Charlene Swankie. May plays a character who later becomes a friend to Fern’s character in a number of her journeys, while Swankie’s appearance manages to present the most emotional moment in Nomadland’s storyline . Simple yet capable of speaking so deeply, Nomadland is a cinematic experience that will not be forgotten by any audience.