2PM’s Junho Continued To Praise Lee Se Young’s Beauty And Began To Express His Love Even Though The Scene Was Not In The Script Of ‘The Red Sleeve’. Take A Peek At The Following Snippet.

MBC has released behind-the-scenes videos of the latest two episodes of ” The Red Sleeve ” on Tuesday (14/12). In the video, 2PM’s Junho suddenly compliments Lee Se Young’s beauty and expresses his love even though this scene is not in the script.

The video begins with the process of filming Junho and Lee Se Young’s hug scene. During this moment, Lee Se Young commented, “I can’t see your eyes. You’re too tall.”

Different from what was shown, the process of shooting the scene was quite funny. Because they continue to be disturbed by the crowing of the rooster every time they hug.

In another scene, Lee Se Young makes everyone laugh by pretending to snore and talk while sleeping. When Junho saw Lee Se Young sleeping in his room, he suddenly made a funny joke. “It’s treason. It’s a murderer,” he said.

Junho kept saying things that weren’t in the script when he saw Lee Se Young pretending to sleep with her eyes open. Because he praised Lee Se Young’s beauty and started to express his love.

Junho said, “Deok Im (Lee Se Young) is really pretty. She’s really pretty. I’ve fallen in love with her. Beautiful, pretty.” Hearing this, the director commented, “Don’t brainwash yourself!”

When the director asked Junho to be careful not to wake Lee Se Young, the handsome idol said, “I will do ASMR.” He then whispered a line and used his scroll to make a soft sound.

Although filled with laughter, the shooting of this scene went smoothly without any significant problems. That’s why they managed to create a thrilling romantic scene.

Meanwhile, “The Red Sleeve” will add one more episode to repay viewers‘ support and deliver a more complete story. However details about Gwanghan Palace raise suspicions that the episode extension was not to increase the “completeness of the story” but because of the “success of the drama”.

2PM's Junho and Lee Se Young will fulfill the promise of 'The Red Sleeve' rating of 10 percent

2PM’s Junho And Lee Se Young Will Fulfill The Promise Of ‘The Red Sleeve’ Rating Of 10 Percent

2PM’s Junho And Lee Se Young Will Be Appearing Again On The Radio Broadcast Of ‘Noon Song Of Hope’ After ‘The Red Sleeve’ Surpassed The 10 Percent Rating In Order To Fulfill Their Promise.

” The Red Sleeve ” starring Junho 2PM and Lee Se Young is currently one of the hottest dramas. Not only leading the acquisition of weekend show ratings, dramas and their actors are the most talked about topics by Internet users.

In the midst of that success, news emerged that Junho and Lee Se Young would appear as special DJs for the radio special “Noon Song of Hope” which is usually hosted by Kim Shin Young . They will fill the program on December 28 to fulfill the promise of a rating that has been said.

Previously, Junho and Lee Se Young were guests of “Noon Song of Hope” on November 4 when “The Red Sleeve” had not yet premiered. The two promised to return to the show as special DJs if the drama’s ratings exceeded 10 percent.

After that, “The Red Sleeve” successfully climbed the viewership ratings chart to exceed double digits in the fourth week of broadcast. Based on Nielsen Korea’s records , the drama recorded 10.9 percent nationwide ratings as its highest gain and peaked at 13.3 percent.

In order to repay viewers’ support and enthusiasm, Junho and Lee Se Young will appear as special DJs for ‘Noon Song of Hope’. The two of them are expected to be able to carry the audience away with the sweet chemistry that is often shared both in dramas and as individuals.

As is known, currently Lee Se Young and Junho are at the top of the list of popular actors based on Good Data Corporation’s calculations. “The Red Sleeve” is also the most talked about drama. Interestingly, that position has lasted for five consecutive weeks and has not been replaced.

At the forefront of the sageuk drama fever, “The Red Sleeve” retells the love story between King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty and royal concubine Uibin Sung. Junho plays Yi San, the crown prince who later becomes King Jeongjo where he puts nation above love. Meanwhile, Lee Se Young plays Sung Deok Im, a palace maid who is free-spirited and wants to make her own life choices.

Meanwhile, “The Red Sleeve” airs every Friday and Saturday at 22.00 local time. After reaping success, this drama will add one final episode.

By Fuzy