Not with Liverpool, this is the most memorable match for Salah in his career

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Mohamed Salah revealed that the most memorable and important match in his career was the match with the Egyptian national team and not with Liverpool .

Salah never failed at Chelsea. Then his name did not attract too much attention while still at Fiorentina and AS Roma.

His name soared when he joined Liverpool. Moreover, Salah is diligent in scoring goals and has brought the Reds to five titles so far.

Including the Champions League title. Likewise with Liverpool’s first Premier League title in history.

The Most Memorable Game for Salah
However, it turned out that these games were not memorable for Mohamed Salah. For him, the most memorable match in his career was the match with the Egyptian national team.

Precisely in the 2018 World Cup Qualification event in the African zone in 2017. At that time, Egypt won 2-1 thanks to a late goal from Salah.

The result of the match was crucial. Because Egypt was finally able to win tickets to Russia 2018.

“There are no words to describe how I feel about people’s positive comments towards me or be a reason for their hopes. Today, if I die, it will be after achieving a lot of things I wanted to achieve,” he told Egypt TV and DMC . .

“People don’t realize how happy I was when I came to play for the national team, it’s an honor for me to wear the national team uniform.”

“The most important match I played in my life was the 2018 World Cup qualifying match against Congo, my joy after the winning goal was indescribable,” recalled Salah.

About the 2021 Ballon d’Or
Mohamed Salah had previously commented on the results of the 2021 Ballon d’Or voting. Lionel Messi won the most votes and received the prestigious individual award.

One himself could only perch in the seventh rank. This result is recognized by the 29-year-old player that surprised him.

“It surprised me [not doing better in the Ballon d’Or voting], but there’s nothing I can say. Nobody in the world thought I would be seventh, but that’s what happened,” Salah said.

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