and gratitude can conquer pride. I capture the main strengths of this film are two. The love that bursts from both parents, and the gratitude of the children. Both are wrapped in the nuances of joy. Children’s films that children cannot watch. Too bad. The Nussa series is intended for all ages, the same label is indeed carried for cinema, but the fact is that not all ages can enjoy it. Last Saturday (2/10) I proved myself, who watched all adult audiences, that there are current cinema labels for 12 years and over and that too has been vaccinated. Reflex said, “Why keep releasing?” It’s a shame, the educational film, the frenetic fun is muted minus the cute babble of the baby.

It’s about competition and plans, hopes and worries too for their father, and the most interesting events in the world of childhood. The story is about Nussa (voiced by Muzakki Ramdhan), a talented student who every year wins a science competition at Nusantara Elementary School. He designed a glider from used goods. From a bottle, assembled with a dynamo to drive the propellers, propelled by the pressure of the bicycle’s pedaling force, resulting in an exciting uphill slide, sprinkled with confetti to support the festivities and land in style with a parachute. For an elementary school child, this is clearly interesting and looks fantastic. The learning process and its development are gradual and make sense because the creation of something cannot be done immediately.

Like in the series, Nussa lives with Umma (Fenita Arie) and her cute sister Rarra (Aysha Raazana Ocean Fajar). Abah who never appeared, this time his figure was shown. With video calls, fathers who work abroad cannot accompany their children and wives. Always promise to come home and support his creative process, here later he can fulfill his promise. Sweet, answered, done.

Best friends with Abdul (Malka Hayfa Asy’ari) and Syifa (Widuri Puteri), they spend their days studying and playing with enthusiasm. Nussa’s prestige collapses when new student Joni (Ali Fikry) appears, a wealthy student who carries a high-end school suitcase, can walk alone, can be a seat, can take out rockets. Like little Iron Man with a watch as a controller, sophisticated indeed, with a lot of money, extraordinary things can be created. So when screening the internal school science competition, Nussa was shifted to second place. Abdul and Syifa felt distant, and it gave him pain. Because it’s always nice, when a friend’s trust and compliments are sweeter than the extravagant flattery of a stranger. The decision to stay away while it is displayed in a gloomy, he is not lonely, just alone. However, a ‘catastrophe’ in the laboratory that made Nussa and Joni locked up instead turned into intimacy, and strengthened their friendship. This can be a strong foundation for the final execution. The two who advanced to a higher level represented Nusantara schools at the Sains Fair to collaborate.

The race itself was lame, in the literal sense of the dramatization of the situation as well as the true meaning of the sacrifice. The decision was completely improvised, triggering a state of urgency and a willingness not to be embraced. The world of children in all their joy. It’s interesting to see what creative children do, look back at childhood, this time luxury and simplicity are combined, you don’t have to worry about guessing the winner or not, the lines are very clear and classy.

Nussa’s ambition is to do something great. There’s no need to worry about talent or kindness being overlooked; even if you ignore it, the realization that you own it and make good use of it is already satisfying. Applause for all of us. Maudy Koesnaedy’s voice is very clear, you don’t even need to get the title credits to know that Mama Joni’s mother has a sweet voice. I myself have only watched the serial Nussa occasionally accompany Hermione, especially when I was eating breakfast so I only followed it in bits and pieces. While the children even follow almost every day. So I don’t know all the cast and crew, that’s why when I found out this film was going to be adapted for the big screen, Hermione was the most enthusiastic.

Nussa herself is shown in the ebb and flow of feelings. Bloated, happy, then in a few minutes immediately turned gloomy and gloomy. It’s hard to accept defeat, it’s hard to face a new power that makes you out or at least step aside. But then again, family is everything. For no matter how bad her mood was, the final glow of Umanya’s motherly face and the sound of her father’s spirit would surely affect her like the light of the sun.

There were lots of laughs, kisses and stories in a simple and affectionate way, which made this celebration so fun and so sweet to remember just after ‘My Surprise’ came out. Nussa, Rara, and their friends explore the infinite universe in space shuttle astronaut suits, aliens, meteors, and so on. Things that sound fantastic, then quite worth seeing.

By Kania