Our bodies have various kinds of organs that are very complex and must be maintained healthy. In fact, neglecting and underestimating the symptoms of illness is one of the wrong actions because it can make things worse. Alarm or body signal to something can be a sign of a threat to our health.

Well, to minimize the appearance of a more severe disease, it’s a good idea to care about some of the trivial things below. Curious, right? Come on, take a look!

1. Minus eyes
If it’s still in low doses, minus eyes are often ignored. In fact, farsighted eyes can actually be detected from the start. Even though it’s small, it’s a good idea to immediately get your minus eye checked by an eye doctor. The doctor will perform a series of eye health checks and also give you a prescription for glasses that are suitable for everyday use.

Reported by the Cleveland Clinic, eye minus or myopia (nearsightedness) which is often ignored can become a serious problem that is fairly fatal, namely blindness. So, people diagnosed with myopia are required to have their eyes checked regularly to an eye doctor. Although this case is very rare, don’t delay getting your eyes checked if you experience symptoms of myopia, even at the mildest level.

Well, besides that, nearsightedness or minus can be a sign that the body has diabetes. Although the most common occurrence of minus eye is myopia or nearsightedness, vision damage due to diabetes should also not be underestimated because that is what is considered more dangerous.

2. Urine is dark yellow or even very clear
Dark or dark yellow urine is also something that is most often underestimated. In fact, this can be used as an illustration of the condition of the body experienced, especially the kidneys and urinary tract. The color of urine can be related to water levels in the body or an early alarm that something is wrong in our bodies.

A scientific report published by Springer Science in 2016 revealed that differences in the color of urine can be used as an individual evaluation to maintain the level of water intake in the body.

The thing to remember is that urine is always clear and a lot is not necessarily a good indication. Healthline on its website explains that very clear and large amounts of urine can be a symptom of diabetes, kidney problems, or excess water content in the body.

Well, you should not underestimate the change in urine color that you may experience. If these changes occur intensely and suspiciously, immediately consult a doctor.

3. Wounds that are always wet
In general, wounds on the outside of the body will dry more easily and heal quickly if treated properly. However, you should be careful if the external wound is intense and very difficult to dry. Yes, in other words, sores occur frequently and appear always wet.

One of the serious diseases that cause sores to never dry out is diabetes, as noted in Medical News Today . Very high levels of glucose in the body will make minor wounds become serious problems and difficult to heal. In addition, infection is also one of the causes of wounds in the body that are difficult to heal.

4. Often feel pain and soreness in the left arm
Do you often feel aches, pains, tingling, and pain in the left arm? Usually, there are many people who think it is a common cold and goes away on its own at the time of scraping.

Well, it’s best if you feel these disturbing things, there’s nothing wrong with someone immediately seeing a doctor. Although it seems trivial, pain in the left arm for no reason can be a symptom of a deadly disease.

Healthgrades on its website writes that a heart attack can be indicated by pain and stiffness in the left arm. This occurs because a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. Well, the pain and tingling that occurs in the left arm is the effect of obstructed blood flow to the heart and this medical condition can be classified as a heart attack.

Heart disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. The symptoms are sometimes very subtle and even often overlooked by many people. That’s why an attack or heart failure is seen as a silent killer that can cause humans to die suddenly.

5. Bleeding gums
Bleeding gums are certainly an uncomfortable medical condition for us. Usually, bleeding gums can be experienced when brushing your teeth, eating something sharp, or even other conditions. Well, the most trivial thing that causes bleeding gums is tartar. Ironically, there are many people who let tartar build up over the years.

If it is severe, tartar will cause infection and even other diseases that are more dangerous. That is why, we are required to visit the dentist regularly for examinations as well as treatment. For example, scaling teeth or cleaning tartar must be done every six months. Do not let tartar accumulate for years because it can cause various kinds of oral diseases.

Besides being caused by tartar, bleeding gums can also indicate a serious disease in the body. News Medical reports that serious illnesses, such as gum cancer, chronic infections, herpes, leukemia, and even HIV can have symptoms that seem trivial, namely bleeding gums.

The presence of mild symptoms that feel strange and disturbing may have been an alarm or special signal from the body. So, make it a habit to have regular health checks and don’t be ignored by strange symptoms that seem trivial, yes.



By Jaya