A story like from the movie Tarantino. Behind the scenes of the movie “Kime Story. Love Story”

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On February 11, the film “Kime Story. Love Story” will be released in theaters throughout Poland. And today you can learn more from behind-the-scenes video material. You can find the video below:

“A crime story. A love story” – what is the film about?

“Krime Story. Love story” is a gangster comedy by Global Studio – the creators of the film “Proceder”. A story inspired by true events, described in the book by rapper Marcin “Kala” Gutkowski, like the modern screen adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”. The city of anger, and within it a district where no one has it easily. Two friends (Krime and Wajcha) get an offer they can’t refuse – to make some really big money. They plan that this will be their last illegal “jump” that will trap them for life. “Życie”, however, would write a completely different script for them. The man assigned to them turns out to be the girl’s father, whose main character is about to completely lose his mind. Love will complicate things and even a man like Crime, who has never been entangled by any woman before, will have to choose what is most precious and most important to him in life.

What do the actors say about the story in the film?

As a minor, I listened to the Firma group where Kali sang. I am very happy with their number. I know Kali has written Crime Stories, so being able to star in a film based on it is like going back to my teenage years. I have a feeling it will be a fun adventure. And when I found out that this film was going to be made by the people who previously made “Proceder“, I was sure of that. The more I got to know Chad personally. In the past in my colorful life, I played with him in Prague Warsaw. So history has come full circle – recalls Michał Koterski.

Initially, however, he was skeptical about the idea of ​​choosing Cezary ukaszewicz in the lead role. They didn’t know each other, they never worked together. When we got to know each other and we started rehearsing for the film, I completely changed my mind. We became close very quickly and our friendship continues to this day. I treat it as my personal success. The life of writing the script, is better than in the film “Send a Love Story. A Love Story“. Everything ends with a happy ending here. Not enough in the life of Wajcha and Crime. I believe there are no coincidences. I am glad that Czarek stood in my way and that I could share my experiences with him and pass on to him the fruits I had accumulated in my “new life”. We became very close. I have to admit that it also helped us create this character. Before filming, we became close, spent a lot of time together, and didn’t have to play because we liked each other. We just became friends and we are friends until now – I Koterski.

Misiek is an extrovert, has a lot of energy and is very expansive. At work, I seek concentration. So I don’t know how our cooperation will develop. However, I was immediately taken aback. Michał turns out to be not only a colorful character, but also a very kind person. He’s a great man! We’ve built a personal connection, which also translates into what viewers will see on screen. We improvised in a lot of scenes and it worked its way into the film, which I really enjoyed. Crime Story Plan Love Story has ended and our relationship continues. Misiek showed me a lot of valuable new things. I’m glad he appeared in my life and our paths have crossed – added Cezary ukaszewicz.

Will Crime and Wajcha’s friendship last? How will their story unfold? Viewers will be able to find out about this from February 11, when the film “Kime Story. Love Story” will be released in theaters across Poland.