5 The fate of this One Piece character is still a mystery. The Wano Country arc is the longest arc in the One Piece series to date. Running for four years, there are many unique and important moments and things that Eiichiro Oda presents in this storyline. Oda himself said that Wano is a very influential story in the series, because it presents various important information.

And after walking for quite a while, finally Oda officially closed the Wano Country arc in this third round, to be precise in chapter 1057 yesterday. With the end of the Wano arc, Oda is about to begin the final phase of One Piece that he promised. Even so, in fact there are still many mysteries that have emerged after the Wano arc, especially regarding the fate of several characters. Here are 5 fates of One Piece characters that are still a mystery!


X Drake
He is one of the Supernovas who appeared in the Sabaody arc, along with other young pirates such as Luffy, Uruouge, Bonney, Law, Kidd, Zoro, and so on. The name X Drake itself had become warm during the Wano arc. The reason is, it turns out that X Drake is not an ordinary pirate and he is not just a pirate with a bounty above 100 million Belly.

He is part of the secret navy group SWORD. In chapter 990 yesterday, Drake was again in the spotlight where he was the target of assassination by Queen and Who’s Who. Because, they both already know who Drake really is. However, after the battle at Onigashima the fate of Drake remains a mystery. Lastly, he is seen conversing with Basil Hawkins.

Previously, in the battle at Onigashima, Raizo was seen fighting against Fukurokuju who was the leader of the Oniwabanshu group. We can say their fight is balanced, because both of them have great ninja abilities. However, in several chapters it appears how Fukurokuju and Raizo are both silent due to the tactics they use each.

Even so, in the end, it was Raizo who managed to win the battle. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened next. Moreover, at that time, Oda was more focused on the story of Orochi who was trying to survive when the entire Kaido palace was on fire. Orochi himself waited for the appearance of Fukurokuju, but unfortunately, until he died the fate of Fukurokuju was still mysterious.

Flying Six
The Flying Six or Tobiroppo are the six strongest pirates who are part of the Beasts Pirates crew. In the leadership structure of the Beasts group, the Flying Six were one level below the three All-Stars. Even so, the six members of the Flying Six have tremendous power thanks to their Zoan devil fruit. All members of this group have an Ancient Zoan type devil fruit.

Several members of the Flying Six seem to be fighting against Luffy’s alliance. For example Ulti who had fought against Usopp and Nami. And Page One who also faced the two Straw Hat crews. However, unfortunately, until now we still don’t know what the fate of the members of the Flying Six will be. Are they still part of the Beast group? Are they still in Onigashima?

Big Mom
This is one of the big mysteries that appears in the Wano arc. Big Mom is one of the Yonko that Luffy and his allies faced in Onigashima. His appearance in Wano is not too surprising, considering he is after the Straw Hat crew. Moreover, Nami has stolen one of her Homies, Zeus. And Big Mom finally formed an alliance with Kaido.

In the battle of Onigashima, he faced two Worst Generations, namely Kid and Law. Although at first Big Mom had the upper hand, in the end the two pirates managed to defeat the Yonko. He seems to have fallen into the magma flow in the Wano area. And until now, we still don’t know what his fate will be.

Besides Big Mom, who also makes many fans curious about his fate is Kaido. The fight against Kaido marks the culmination of the Wano Country arc, where many characters work together to defeat the most powerful creature in the world. However, in the end, it was Luffy who then fought Kaido in a one-on-one fight. Despite the difficulties, Luffy was finally able to match Kaido.

Not only that, Luffy also managed to beat Kaido. This is thanks to the rise of the devil fruit power that he has. Kaido’s defeat was similar to Big Mom, where he had to fall underground in the Wano area. Kaido and Big Mom were carried away by the underwater magma flow. However, until now there is no information as to what the fate of Kaido is. Is he dead? Or is it still alive? Did Luffy really win?

The Wano Arc does present a lot of important information that answers various previous questions and mysteries. This is indeed in accordance with what Oda promised his fans before. However, in addition to solving various mysteries, it turns out that Oda also presents other mysteries at the end of this arc. Hopefully the mystery of these characters can be answered in the future.



By Jaya